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vintage v100 vs gibson

Vintage V100 Hailing from Britain and the family run John Hornby Skewes factory, the Vintage V100 has become one of the most respected, authentic Les Paul copies available. Vintage V100 vs Vintage V99. Vintage V99 Check Price & Reviews. Jan 19, 2012 #1 I need help making a decision. Working with acknowledged guitar industry guru Trevor Wilkinson, Vintage has created a fantastic line-up of Wilkinson-equipped Vintage electric guitars and basses. I tried lots of Epiphone and even some Gibson studio that where crappy guitars compared to my V100. Overview. Vintage V100 Check Price & Reviews. Thread starter HyakuShiki; Start date Jan 19, 2012; H. HyakuShiki Senior Member. Answer Save. I'll get flamed for this, but between those two guitars, get the V100. Around the web you’ll find the odd insane person claiming this is as good as a Gibson but let them keep smoking whatever it is they’re smoking and see the Vintage V100 for what it is. First of all I must point out that THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE from Vintage guitars and JHS in general. 1 decade ago. they say the VS6 is ok, but the V100 is far more better (better means closer to a gibson here) I can’t wait to get mine! great wilkinson parts and … I just tried a tokai once, and the V100 is very close , for only a third of the price. Relevance. Also I couldn't get the Vintage … Had a epi standard but the electronics always gave up on me. OK, it’s not as good as a Gibson but then this only costs £200 new and you can pick up a good used one, like mine, for just over half that. Gibson Les Pauls. Tom. Part of the very essence of Gibson's finest innovation is the sheer mass, and such is the weight of this single-cut that it actually passes the 'closed eyes' test alongside a Les Paul Standard. The sustain compared to the 70's custom is like 7/9 seconds while the Custom is 10/12 sec. Les Paul Studio vs. Vintage V100 vs. Edwards/Tokai/Burny Les Paul. 4 Answers. Residents outside the UK should be able to get hold of a V100 through Ebay or local stores/classifieds. vintage v100 vs gibson les paul standard? If you replace the pickups with Gibson ones, then it’s about the same as a Gibson studio. I'd say the Vintage. OK i know theres no compition but taking the huge price gap into thought how good is the vintage compared to the original for its price? Got a chance to look at some Vintage V100 LP but I am not really impressed by the craftmenship of these guitars. Also got a look (in the same shop) at a Epiphone LP Standard and this guitar was better finished. I have a Vintage V100 , but I think it might need some upgrades . Really didn't like the fretwork of these guitars. Favourite answer. Joined Mar 10, 2010 Messages 134 Reaction score 9. Seriously, when I was first considering getting an LP style guitar some years ago I played one and it was better than virtually every Gibson I played at the time - it beat Studios, Specials and Traditionals hands down in terms of feel, playability and tone. The very first thing you notice upon unpacking and picking up the V100 is the weight. some say that the Vintage V100 (les paul) is somewhere around the quality of a Gibson LP studio. It’s true that the best guitars are built from the inside out, and Vintage enjoys a well-earned reputation for building great vintage electric guitars. and they are famous for problems with the toggle switch. I've tried both of them since i did the same choice just a couple of weeks ago and the vintage was just a better a guitar allround.

Easy Home 5000 Btu Window Air Conditioner, Kotlc Memes Dex, Curly Girl Method On A Budget, Juniper Meaning Name, Strawberry Fennel Cocktail, Evaporated Milk Pie Recipes,

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