2020 JURA Buyers Guide [UPDATE]

JURA Buyers Guide 2020

Comparison of GIGA 6 vs Z8 vs J90

Our 2020 JURA Buyers Guide compares three of the best rated models we have reviewed from JURA. The JURA GIGA 6 was awarded the best super automatic espresso machine of 2020. The JURA Z8 came in on our list rated number 4 and the JURA J90 IMPRESSA came in number seven. Add to that an honorable mention for the JURA WE8 professional model and you have a lot of great machines to choose from.

With top rated espresso machines ranging from under $2000 to almost $6000 how do you decide what is and what is not worth paying for?

JURA espresso makers are outstanding products with some of the best brewing technology, product design, materials and construction available. We are going to help with the challenge of choosing which of these JURA machines is best for you. As of this writing, only the JURA Z8 has received our Editor’s Choice award for 2020.

These are three of the best reviewed, luxury home machines and they sell with very different feature lists and at very different price points. So, we will explore what type of consumer might choose each of these three models to help you decide for yourself.

Why The JURA GIGA 6?

Check our our GIGA 6 review, for more details on this amazing model.

The GIGA 6 is JURA’s top of the line home espresso machine. It is intended for very discerning customers who value absolute quality above all other things. It has a price which reflects that.

It is the first machine to include their self learning, artificial intelligence technology and it also looks and feels like a piece of artwork.

Powerful Yet Simple

The GIGA 6 can easily be used by two very different types of coffee consumers.

JURA GIGA 6 - top rated JURA home fully automatic espresso maker. Available at a discount via this link direct from JURA
JURA GIGA 6 – top rated JURA home fully automatic espresso make

It is immensely customizable and you have as much control over every variable of brewing and drink making as any model we have tested. So the aficionado can spend a lot of time experimenting and tweaking until you get exactly the drink you want. And it will be amazing.

But, for those who just want amazing drinks, the GIGA 6 has very simple controls and excellent presets. The top notch bringing, brewing and milk frothing technologies mean that you can get near perfect drinks without knowing anything about what is going on inside the machine. And the GIGA 6 is still immensely beautiful, durable and impressive to look at.

The GIGA 6 produces a whopping 28 different preprogrammed drinks compared to 21 for the Z8 and 9 for the J90. The JURA WE8, which is also excellent has 12 programs. Chances are you will never make some of these for yourself or any guests but you buy comprehensive options with your GIGA 6.

Some of the advantages of the GIGA are more valuable than others. It is the only one of these three models that track the number of each type of drink you have made, for example. It does this as part of it’s algorithm to learn the best settings and adjustments to make to match your behaviors and preferences. But, as a stand alone feature, tracking how many ristrettos you have had won’t do much for you.

At almost $6000 it is a big investment, but it does have a lot to justify that price. As we have argued before, purchasing one makes a statement much like buying a Bentley or Bugatti does about your willingness to invest in the absolute best.

Why The JURA Z8?

For more the full details on this great model, see our updated 2020 buyers guide and JURA Z8 review.

The Z8 is an exceptional machine which deserves the top rating we gave it. The fundamentals are all near perfect. It is beautifully designed and constructed and will look amazing in your kitchen or office.

Exceptional Technology

It also has all the top brewing technologies you would expect in a JURA in this category and also much more going for it.

Both the GIGA and the Z8 have the core technologies needed to make world class drinks. Both have the Pulse Extraction integrated milk systems with self cleaning and zero energy option. They also both have two Thermoblock systems.

Some Key Differences

There are features, controls and adjustments that the GIGA 6 has that the Z8 doesn’t. So, we said that that the GIGA 6 is a perfect machine for both the aficionado and the owner who wants simplicity.

The Z8 still offers the simple usage but with still impressive control to fine tune the settings.

The JURA Z8 offers a lot more drink options than the J90 and not that many fewer than the GIGA 6.

JURA Z8 fully automatic home espresso maker received superior ratings in our 2020 review and buyers guide
JURA Z8 fully automatic home espresso maker received superior ratings in our 2020 review and buyers guide
The 2020 JURA Buyers Guide Winner is the JURA Z8
Editors Choice

And the GIGA 6 is significantly larger, unit with greater capacity. Surprisingly, even though the GIGA has much higher water and bean capacity it has the same 20-puck capacity for spent grounds.

So, the JURA Z8, which can be purchased for about $4200, is a top of the line, world class machine. It has all the very best fundamentals. The grinding, brewing and milk steaming and milk foaming are all world class. They are comparable to what you get for almost $2000 more with the GIGA 6.


Sure, the GIGA makes over three times the drink combinations of the J90 IMPRESSA. But, you still get push-button espresso, doppios, cappuccinos, ristretto and latte macchiatos (among others). So, ask yourself what do you really need?

The core technologies that control brewing are still very, very good. And this will be plenty for many people.

Some of the things you don’t get with the J90 are not a big deal.

For example, we are not big fans of the JOE system. The includes a phone app to control and monitor the machine. JOE comes with the two more expensive models.

JURA J90 Impressa 2020 Buyers Guide and Reviews

Think of how you will use your espresso machine

Having integrated grinding and milk systems makes a huge difference in the use and enjoyment of the system. It also reduces the time and steps to make each drink. This means you will use it more. Also the experience of making multiple drinks is infinitely better with the Z8 and GIGA 6.

Some other features you may be willing to pay for. This is the only one of the three models where you can’t program the milk and milk foam temperatures. This feature does make a big difference in separating out great drinks from amazing drinks.

Also, the GIGA and Z8 have more cleaning and maintenance features. The J90 does not monitor the drip tray, for example. So, you use a visual cue to know when to clean it out.

If you decide to move up to premium machines and you can handle the cost difference, then consider upgrading to the Z8. The $2k premium sounds like a lot. But especially if you make multiple drinks a day it will be worth it. You want to avoid buying a home machine and still wanting to go to your local barista for convenience or quality. At $6 or so a drink, you can easily spend more going out than upgrading your machine.

So, if you can afford it, move up from the J90 IMPRESSA to the JURA Z8. It is a much better experience and the added cost gets spread over a long lifetime of use.

Buying from JURA

We do not recommend buying from a reseller. JURA services their own machines and you do not need the expertise or service of a reseller.

JURA Products are available on Amazon, direct from JURA. Buying this way means you have the relationship direct with JURA but also get the benefits of buying through Amazon. This includes Prime benefits in most cases.

Which Jura Makes The Best Coffee?

All three units have brewing units from 5 g to 16 g. All three employ the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System. The GIGA and Z8 both have their Pulse Extraction Process (PEP) and we definitely think that is worth paying for.

All three employ the same fine foam technology and provide great, silky microfoam. However, the Z8 and GIGA 6 provide much better control and customization.

In short all three make excellent coffee and espresso based drinks. The jump from the J90 to the Z8 is especially impressive. The drink quality of the GIGA 6 and Z8 are both near perfect. The differences will be hard for all but the most sophisticated aficionado to discern.

Conclusion: Which JURA Should I Buy?

When we awarded the respective scores to these three machines it was based on absolute quality and features. But to fairly

If money isn’t realistically an option and you want the confidence of knowing you bought the best there is then guy a GIGA 6. Our recommendation however it that the JURA Z8 offers the brewing and microfoam technology that we think is required for superb drinks and feel like we could live without the added features of the GIGA.

The J90 IMPRESSA is still a fantastic machine, but if you really want the best and you want to drink the best then the upgrade to the Z8 is worth the sizeable upgrade in investment.

The JURA Z8 is our editors choice for the 2020 JURA Buyers Guide
The Z8 is Our Editor’s Choice for 2020

JURA Direct Deals

The best way to buy from JURA is to buy direct from their Amazon store. You get the best prices, usually Prime shipping and returns and the same JURA Warranty. Best of all, you get the espresso maker without third party markups.

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