Mr. Coffee Thermal Coffee Maker Guide

Mr. Coffee Thermal Coffee Maker Guide

Mr. Coffee Thermal Coffee Maker


Stainless Steel





  • Metal Screen Water Filters
  • Gold Tone Filter Basket FIlter


  • Requires regular filter cleaning

Comparison Buyer’s Guide

With the popular Mr. Coffee thermal coffee maker no longer available new it is a good time to look at their alternatives.

What is a thermal coffee maker?

When we call a coffee maker a thermal coffee maker what we mean is that it is designed to work only with an insulated, double walled carafe. Traditional drip coffee makers use a single-walled glass carafe.

Thermal carafes are thicker, usually with an opaque, outer wall of brushed aluminum and an inner lining of stainless steal or plastic and an insulation between them.

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Coffee Maker Optimal Brew Thermal System

The Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Optimal Brew Thermal System is a popular and for good reason.

It has replaceable water filters plus a metal screen filter Gold Tone filter for the grounds so you don’t use paper filters.

It brews at a higher temperature of up to 205 degrees. This allows for faster brewing which does impact the taste.

It has both a Delay Brew feature so you can have your coffee brew at a predetermined time and a Freshness Timer to help you know when to replace the coffee.

The 10-cup model is available in two finishes. The main difference is the face plate on the front can be black or the more attractive chrome.

Mr. Coffee 10-cup thermal Optimal Brew Thermal System

It is available for about $63 with free one-day delivery in most places from Amazon Prime.

Mr. Coffee JWTX85 8-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel

The 8-cup Thermal Mr. Coffee JWTX85 comes with a double walled thermal carafe

It also has a timed automatic shutdown of every two hours. The coffee stays warm in the carafe for a long time afterwards, so this just prevents the coffee from being overcooked.

It has some great basic features including a special cleaning cycle and you can pour a cup while it is brewing without any spilling.

Like the 10-cup model, the 8-cup thermal system uses replaceable metal water filters and a Gold Tone metal coffee ground filter basket.

This is the best system for making great coffee and saving the money and mess of paper filters, but it does mean that you need to clean the coffee basket and replace the water filters or the coffee quality will suffer.

So, this isn’t intended to be left unattended all day.

The 8-cup Thermal Mr. Coffee Model is available for less than $50 from Amazon Prime with one-day delivery in most places.

Mr. Coffee JWTX85 8-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

A great alternative to this is the Cuisinart DCC-3400 thermal coffee maker. Take a look at that review and see why it impressed us.

Mr. Coffee Thermal Coffee Makers

The Mr. Coffee line of Thermal Coffee Makers are solid drip coffee systems with a good set of features. CLick the link for more coffee maker reviews.

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