Miele Coffee Machine Guide

Miele Buyers Guide 2020

Miele Coffee Machine

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Miele CM6350


Miele CM6150


Miele CM530



  • Unique design very different than Italian rivals
  • Built in models are good
  • Excellent engineering and assembly
  • Great quality


  • "Modern" Design Looking Dated
  • Lacks Features In Some Newer Competitors

Reviews Updated for 2020

The Miele Coffee Machine represents the best in German design, manufacturing and performance. However, they face stiff competition and their lines are looking dated by comparison.

However, they are not exclusively an espresso machine company. They are best known for their other appliance which includes excellent vacuums, washing machines, dryers, freezers. This can be an opportunity because many of their products have a similar feel in our opinion.

Although Miele have consistently ranked high with us for design, form, manufacturing quality and for the quality of their brewing technology, they are rarely at the top of our rankings. In fact only the CM6350 made out list of the 20 Best Super Espresso Machines, coming in at # 14.

All three models we reviewed are programmable and have the same one-press drink beverage programs; ristretto, espresso, long coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato and caffè latte. At the touch of a button all will make a single or double shot, a cup of coffee or brew a pot of coffee. The Miele coffee makers also will heat and froth milk.

In our tests, Miele has been consistently outscored by Gaggia and JURA products and Gaggia espresso machines and JURAs and multiple De’Longhi and Saeco models have ranked higher as well.

Miele CM6350 Coffee Maker

In our Miele CM6350 review we discussed this model in detail. The CM6350 did well and it is an excellent super automatic espresso machine. However we do like the Gaggia Cadorna Prestige for its look, technology brewing and milk. Also the Gaggia Babila outscored the CM6350 on most of our tests and the JURA J90 IMPRESSA won Editors Choice for this class.

Miele CM6350 coffee maker review for 2020
Miele CM6350 Coffee Maker Review

Sale Price: $2,299

A strong offering with great design and features. It is excellent on all the fundamentals. However, it was outscored by several models in this class.

Miele CM6150 Coffee Maker

Miele CM6150 has a lot on common with the 6350. It has a similar design, supports four user profiles and provides one touch milk based beverage brewing. Their Cappuccinatore milk system warms and froths milk and does a very good job.

The Miele AromaticSystem controls the brewing and allows you to customize your coffee to your preference and brew. It has built in one and two cup brewing settings and you can adjust and program in the amount of grounds, water, temperature, milk volume and forthing amounts.

Miele CM6150 coffee machine review and super automatic espresso machine
Miele CM6150

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Miele CM6150. Miele Coffee Machine Review. Espresso maker
78/100 for 2020
Review score

Sale price: $1799.00

  • 16.8 x 10 x 18.1 inches
  • Weight 26.4 pounds

Miele CM5300 Coffee Machine

The Miele CM5300, 10-Cup Super-Automatic One-Touch Countertop Coffee/Espresso Machine. It is well designs and works great. But it is getting a little dated in it’s design. It is available in bronze, which is an unusual but nice color, black and graphite.

For alternatives consider the Gaggia Cadorna Milk. We found better brew performance out of the Gaggia models and the Milk model has great milk steaming and frothing. For a little more money, also look into the Gaggia Accademia. The Miele CM5300 is 15 x 10 x 10 in and weighs 20 pounds.

About Miele

Miele is a German domestic appliances and commercial equipment company. Their home products are all very well designed and engineered. The company is family owned and was founded in 1899. Miele has its headquarters in Gütersloh.

Miele makes great products that will last a long time. The design and manufacturing is quintessentially German. So, if this appeals to you then you will love their products. Their built-in coffee/espresso machines often fit in beautifully and nearly seamlessly into modern construction homes.

If however you prefer the Italian designs and models then we recommend you look at this. A Miele Coffee Maker is a great option but it has a lot of competition.

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