Rancilio Grinder 2020 Buyers Guide

Rancilio Grinder

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinders


Rocky Rancilio SS


Rocky Rancilio SD



  • Excellent, Durable Burrs
  • High quality, powerful motor
  • Excellent Construction & Materials
  • 7.7 pounds per hour capacity


  • Separate Models for Dosing Instead of One Product

Rancilio Rocky SS vs Rocky SD Coffee Grinders

Two of The Very Best

Our Rancilio Rocky grinder review comes in two parts. We review both the Rocky SS and SD Rancilio Rocky coffee grinders Rancilio is a producer of top quality espresso makers and doser grinders. We also explain the differences between the Rancilio Rocky SS and SD models and why both are some of the best grinders in the world.

Grinder quality is often an afterthought. But it shouldn’t be. The size (coarseness) and shape of grinds makes a huge difference in the taste of the brewed coffee and espresso. Here is a quick primer on How to Choose a Coffee Grinder.

Why Buy a Rancilio Rocky Grinder?

  • Possibly the world’s most reliable coffee grinder
  • Extremely high quality grinder burrs
  • Long life powerful motor

Both the SS & SD are powerful, reliable, high quality commercial coffee bean grinders and earned our “buy recommendation.”

We are best known for our reviews of the best super automatic espresso machines which have integrated grinders. There are lots of great machines out there that do not have their own grinders.

This is especially true of Rancilio and other commercial espresso machines. Commercial coffee shops need to separate out grinding from brewing to speed production and most serve multiple blends so they need multiple grinders. That is why we conduct coffee grinder tests and post reviews and ratings.

Rocky Rancilio SD Review

Rancilio Rocky Grinder Review SD

Rancilio HSDS-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso coffee grinder

Rocky Rancilio SS Review

Rancilio Rocky SS coffee grinder review

The Rancilio Group is a highly respected manufacturer of commercial espresso machines and doser grinders. We also recently reviewed the Eureka Mignon Specialita.

Rancilio SS Manual Doser

This Rancilio Rocky grinder is a great choice if you prefer manual dosing, powerful, reliable and very high quality. Good for up to 250 shots an hour.

92/100 Review Score

  • Every Unit Tested
  • 7.7 pound hourly capacity
  • Top rated burrs
  • One of the industry’s best motors
Rancilio Rocky grinder and rancilio rocky coffee grinders

The Rocky SD

Excellent push button dosing and all the power, quality, consistency and performance expected in Rancilio grinders.

92/100 Review Score

  • Push button dosing
  • Same motor and burrs as the Rocky SS
  • Quiet, dependable and powerful
Rancilio Rocky grinder review Rocky SD coffee grinder product summary

Similarities in the Rocky SS vs Rocky SD

The Rocky SS and the Rocky SD have a lot in common. They use the same, 50mm (1.9 inch) steel burrs, which are very high quality. They have the same powerful electric motor operating at 1350 RPM. They have similar outputs and are manually adjusted. The exteriors are a combination of molded ABS plastic and stainless-steel bodies.

All Rancilio Rocky coffee grinders are tested before they are shipped. They don’t just rely on visual tests or partial tests, they grind coffee with every machine before they ship it. This is not true of many coffee grinder companies and shows the commitment to quality that Rancilio has.

The Rocky and the Rocky SD have the same dimensions. They are bother 13.8 inches high, 4.7 inches wide and 9.8 inches deep. This narrow design is great, especially for crowded shops and kitchens. Powerful 166-watt direct drive quiet operation motor. They both have a tinted coffee bean hopper with a 0.65lb capacity.

Both models Rancilio Rocky coffee grinders have simple, variable grinder adjustment control. Rancilio is very commited to quality. All units are tested prior packaging which might leave a small trace of coffee residue.

Differences in the The Rocky SS vs Rocky SD

The Rocky SD has a touch button doser and the Rocky is manual doser. The Rocky SD weighs 15.4 pounds compared to the Rocky’s 19.1 pound weight.

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SS Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder with Doser Chamber Review

The Rocky SS is a doser burr coffee grinder. It has 50mm plate grinding burrs which you see in lower cost commercial grinders then it has a published capacity of grinding over 7 pounds of coffee beans every hour. If you are looking for a home coffee grinder then you don’t need this. That means it can grind enough coffee for almost 250 single shots of espresso an hour.

It is called a dosing grinder because there is a chamber that holds the grounds and will dispense a single dose of 7 grams of coffee grounds into the portafilter when you need it. These Rancilio Rocky coffee grinders are easy to use and creates little mess. The plastic fork holds the portafilter in place at a good distance and angle to reduce mess.

The Rocky SS has a 166-watt electric direct drive that spins the burrs at 1725 RPM’s. This powerful grinder is quiet during operation. Rocky SS features simple controls. Change the grind setting with a simple unlock of the lever and a quick spin of the bean hopper. It can grind coffee to a fine powder or course grind in seconds. The tinted bean hopper of the Rocky SS keeps just over 1/2 a pound of whole bean coffee fresh and ready to grind on-demand.

Both Rocky grinders have the same 50mm commercial grade grinding burrs, which are excellent.

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder Review

The Rocky SD is an excellent grinder and extremely durable and reliable. If you are going to buy a Rancilio espresso machine then the Rocky SD is a perfect grinder to go with it, if for no other reason than to match brands. to the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. Like the Rocky SS, the Rocky SD is a burr coffee bean grinder with 50mm, plate grinding burrs. Both machines have an hourly grinding capacity of 7.7 pounds of coffee beans.

We like the metal removable fork that holds your porta filter in place on the SD. This fork holds the porta filter in place to collect the grounds.

Rancilio Rocky Grinder Review

Rancilio is known for its burrs and for their electric motors. motor of the Rocky SD has a powerful 166-watt direct-drive motor that spins at 1725 RPMs.

The Rocky SD features simple controls which are a bit different than the SS. You unlock the lever to change the grind setting. The espresso bean hopper of the Rocky SD is tinted. This is because light can harm the quality of coffee beans.

Overall either Rancilio grinder is a good choice. Also consider the Eureka Mignon Specialita. We rated is even higher and recommend it.

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