Nespresso milk frother

Nestle Aeroccino3 vs Aeroccino4 Review

Aeroccino3 vs Aeroccino4 Nespresso frother

A lot of baristas will tell you that it is the mil that makes or breaks a latte or cappuccino. Our Nespresso milk frother review finds that the Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino4 Nespresso frother accessory can turn any espresso maker into a fast, simple cappuccino machine, but with some big caveats.

Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino4 Nespresso milk frother

If you just like espresso, great. The good news is there are a lot of fantastic espresso makers out there. Nespresso and Keurig make some great pod espresso makers that are very easy to use. And a good automatic espresso machine, a little knowledge and some discipline means you can make great, consistently delicious espresso with great crema. But milk is a messy pain and that is why the Nespresso milk frother Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino4 models were designed.


Aeroccino4 Nespresso milk frother

Neither the Aeroccino3 nor Aeroccino4 Nespresso frother can be used with special enriched milks. They are pretty limited in other ways. The documentation warns you not to use any reconstituted powdered milks nor any flavored milks. Hoping to make frothy chocolate milk? Sorry, you are not supposed to add additives of any kind to your Nespresso milk frother

This means the Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino4 Nespresso frother whisk attachments can’t handle chocolate syrups, powdered mixes. Always use whole or 2%, semi skimmed milk at refrigerated temperature (about 39-43 °F) for the best results.

Nespresso milk frother Aeroccino4

The Aeroccino4 Nespresso milk frother is the better of the two models. The Aeroccino4 has options for two types of hot milk froth and is the only Nespresso milk frother that will allow you to make a real cappuccino.

Like the Aeroccino3, the machine can make 8 oz of hot milk preparation in a little over two minutes or 4 oz of froth in about a minute and 20 seconds. The Aeroccino4 is pretty simple to use. The Aeroccino4 has two buttons to indicate the temperature and two to indicate the type of froth. There cold froth button is blue and the hot one is red.

The Aeroccino4 cappuccino froth is good. It isn’t fantastic. But, if you are wedded to your Nespresso and want to make cappuccinos with it then this is a simple to use, reasonably priced option.


Aeroccino3 Nespresso Milk Frother

This Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother has a single whisk for both hot and cold preparations. The cylinder on both Nespresso milk frother models is dishwasher proof. The Aeroccino3 doesn’t have an on off switch, and it consumes less than 0.1 W when the Aeroccino3 is in energy saving mode.

You can bring the Aeroccino4 with you on trips if you want to make your own cappuccinos on the road. The Aeroccino4 is 8.3” x 7” and weighs 2.2 pounds.

Aeroccino4 vs Aeroccino3

Aeroccino4 has a lot of improvements over the Aeroccino3. If you want real cappuccino froth, the Aeroccino4 is the only one that will make it. The Aeroccino4 also has a nice handle for easy use. If you are going to buy a Nespresso milk frother, then buy an Aeroccino4. Also, the Aeroccino4 does everything the Aeroccino3 does plus makes cappuccinos. The capacities are the same and they basically are operated the same. The Aeroccino is a little smaller and lighter of the two machines. They make similar amounts of noise.


Nespresso milk frother Aeroccino3

The Aeroccino3 has one button and makes a single kind of froth. This won’t create credible cappuccinos.

For steamed milk you can fill up the Aeroccino3 container and make 8 oz of hot milk in about 2 minutes. But milk froth needs the space for the froth to expand so you can only make 4 oz of hot or cold froth. The cycle times for froth are 60 seconds for cold milk froth and 70 seconds to make hot milk froth in the Aeroccino3.

The Nespresso Aeroccino 3 milk frother is compact enough that you could take the Aeroccino3 on trips. The Aeroccino3 weighs just 1.5 pound and measures 6.7” x 3.9.” The colors are nice. The Aeroccino3 comes in red, white and black. Be warned, the Nespresso milk frother parts for the Aeroccino3 are small and easy to lose or break.

Steamed and frothed milk with the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother

The steamed milk and froth needed to make lattes and cappuccinos is easy to make but really hard to make great. We did a whole list of simple cappuccino maker models you can buy.

People are often disappointed to see how hard it is to make microfoam like a barista. That is where both the Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino4 Nespresso frother come in.

In fact, one of the main reasons we often recommend a super automatic espresso maker over an automatic is the fully automated, push button milk systems. Both Nespresso milk frother models eliminate the need to learn to use a Pannarello wand.

Both the Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino4 Nespresso frother models are push-button simple to use. The Nespresso frother instructions are so simple they barely need to be written down.

Cleaning the Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino4 Nespresso frother

Making steamed and frothed milk at home has a bit of a catch 22. If you use a steam or Pannarello wand and are frothing in a cup, then the cleanup is really easy. But you bear the responsibility of steaming and frothing well, which isn’t easy. But if you get an espresso maker with a built-in milk system then it needs a lot of cleaning. Unless it has a really good self-cleaning system this can be a pain and discourage you from making drinks at home. For the most part, the Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino4 Nespresso frother machines do well on this count. They have small, annoying little pieces that could be easily lost but at least everything (except the bases of course) are dishwasher safe.

Should You Buy a Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother?

If you love your Nespresso or any espresso maker that doesn’t have a milk system and want to enjoy the occasional cappuccino or latte than sure. This is a little finicky to use but and Aeroccino3 or Aeroccino4 will pay for itself when you make a couple of dozen lattes or cappuccinos instead of going to the coffee shop. Just make sure you are going to use it. The cleaning isn’t that easy for either Nespresso milk frother.

Nespresso milk frother review

Both the Aeroccino3 and Aeroccino4 Nespresso frother are fine if you are committed to your current coffee or espresso maker. But it isn’t great and isn’t convenient. In the end you are better off, and may save money, tossing your pod espresso maker and investing in a cappuccino maker with push button perfection, especially if a Nespresso milk frother keeps you out of your local coffee shop.

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