Miele CM6350 Review

Miele CM6350 Review

Miele CM6350


Miele CM6350



  • Solid Engineering
  • Great Fundamentals


  • Better Alternatives For Less Money
  • Dated Design and Controls
  • Too Few Drink Options
  • Bean and Puck Capacity

The Miele CM6350 is Well Built and Designed But Not Aging Well.

Our Miele CM6350 review earned this machine the #14 spot on our list of the Best Super Automatic Espresso Makers for 2020.

We look at how it has held up since its release a few years ago. In absolute terms it is a well designed and well built super automatic espresso machine. Bit it faces very tough competition.

Although it is excellent, the JURA J90 IMPRESSA and Gaggia Accademia did better for less money. You can read our J90 IMPRESSA review and our Gaggia Accademia reviews for more information on those products.

Top 20 Super Automatic Espresso Machines for 2020
Selected for our Top 20 Super Automatic Espresso Machines for 2020

Miele coffee machine review

The Miele CM6350 is a few years old now. When it was released it was a great machine but feels like it is being left behind by other manufacturers.

MIele Coffee Machine review Miele CM6350 Review

I don’t like the styling. I am partial to the classic look of the Italian designs (and those who copy them). The Miele CM 6350 was meant to have modern styling and that tends not to age well.

When the Miele CM6350 was released it was an upgrade on the CM6150. It replaced the 6150’s passive cup warmer with an active cup warmer. Also, they added a double insulated carafe for milk and a waterspout. There were some smaller updated to the trim and a light that illuminated the work area on the front.

Great Engineering

Our Miele CM6350 rates this machine very highly for its design. It is compact at 10” wide, a little over 14” tall and less than 17 inches deep. So, it may fit in tight spots where comparable machines cannot.

The Miele CM6350 was has overall good capacity. It holds 61 ounces of water, 10.58 ounces of coffee beans and 10 pucks. Some machines I prefer hold a little less water but more coffee beans and coffee pucks. I would like to see the bean and puck capacities be a little higher. It doesn’t store any ground coffee so if anyone in your family prefers grounds, like for decaf, then they have to scoop them for each drink.

Miele CM6350 Competitors

JURA J90 IMPRESSA is a Better Machine and a Better Value the the CM6350
The JURA J90 IMPRESSA is a Better Machine and a Better Value

Read our full JURA J90 IMPRESSA review. It scored better on most categories than the Miele CM6350 and has outstanding brewing, milk handling and automation.

Gaggia Accademia is also a better option than the CM6350.
The Gaggia Accademia is also a better option than the CM6350.

We compared the Gaggia Babila vs Accademia. Both rated higher than the Miele CM6350.

Miele CM6350 Brewing Features

The Miele CM6350 has four different profiles. Highly programmable user profile, pre-infusion, amount of coffee, amount of milk and temperature.

It has a reputation for being able to make very hot drinks and produces excellent foam. Some people like this and I assume if you are bringing your drink a long way and want it still to hot when you get there this is a good thing. But I worry about brewing at too high a temperature which can cause over extraction and a bitter coffee.

The Miele is a strong functional machine. It has programmable pre-brewing and is adjustable in the ways that matter. It has programmable coffee strength and grounds volume, water temperature, milk and froth amounts. The spouts are adjustable from 3 1/8” to 5 1/2” which is fine.

About Miele

Miele is headquartered in Gütersloh in Germany. It was Founded in 1899 and remains family owned.

German made so it does look different than the Italian models, which I prefer. The Italian models are also well engineered but I feel like the designs tend to be more classical and hold up better over time. A well-made espresso machine should last for years. This is a good reason to invest in a great one.  

I prefer to buy from companies that are primarily coffee machine producers. Miele is a conglomerate and espresso machines are simple one of many lines. When you visit their website the espresso makers are listed between the oven hoods and the wine refrigerators. I think this leads to them being a follower on technology but a leader in engineering.

You could argue that a larger company has access to better design and manufacturing scale and therefore talent. Miele has won a pile of awards so that’s a fair argument. But I prefer a company where the senior executives think about super automated espresso machines every morning when they wake up and I don’t know if that is true with Miele.

The Miele CM6350 will make one or two cups simultaneously. It comes with pushbutton settings for 6 coffee drinks. Those are ristretto, espresso, coffee, long coffee, cappuccino, caffè latte and latte macchiato. It also has programs for hot milk, milk froth and hot water. This is significantly fewer options than other models.

The Miele CM6350 was one of the first super automatic that made a coffee pot will make up to 8 servings in a cycle

Miele CM6350 Grinding

The Miele CM6350 has a stainless-steel mill grinder. It has 5 settings. All of this is fine but unremarkable.


Our Miele CM6350 Review determined that the machine makes excellent foam. It is smooth and silky, and the adjustment levels are a good balance between too far apart and too similar to one another. The self-cleaning system is good, and the milk carafe is good. We would prefer to see an integrated milk system in place of this one and hope to see some improvements in future models.

Miele CM6350 Review: Maintenance & Cleaning

Like other well-designed automated espresso machines, maintenance was carefully considered during the design. It is easy to clean, the pieces fit well in a dishwasher changing the filter is easy.

Our 2020 Miele CM6350 Review finds the capacity of the machine is more of a mixed bag. The water capacity is good, but 10 pucks of spent grounds is too little for a machine in this class. On the plus side it has a large dip tray which is important because that’s where the waste from the milk cleaning cycle goes.

Miele CM6350 vs Jura J90 vs Gaggia Accademia

Out Miele CM6350 Review concludes that it is still a well-designed and well-built machine. But unfortunately, that is not enough for it to retain its ‘buy’ recommendation for 2020. It is already looking dated and given the premium prices you should consider an alternative instead. However, if you want to buy it then buy direct from Miele on their Amazon store.

For a little more money, our Miele coffee machine review suggest a Gaggia Accademia instead which recently scored a 91 on our 2020 updated review. An even better choice would be a Jura J90 IMPRESSA which received similarly favorable ‘buy’ recommendation. If it is available in your area, also look at the Gaggia Cadorna Prestige which we recently reviewed.


Which is a Better Espresso Machine Miele CM6350 vs Jura J90 vs Gaggia Accademia?

The JURA J90 IMPRESSA received the top scores for 2020. The Gaggia Accademia came in next with a “buy recommendation” and a 91/100 score. But, the aging Machine Miele CM6350 lost its “buy” rating for 2020.

What are the Miele CM6350 Specs?

The Miele CM6350 holds 61 fl.oz. (1.8 l) water, 10.58 oz. (300 g) of beans and 10 pucks of used coffee grounds. The Miele measures 10” (251 mm) W x 141/8” (359 mm) H x 163/4” (427 mm) D and weighs 27 pounds.

Is the Miele CM6350 easy to clean?

Miele designs for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is easy to clean, the pieces fit well in a dishwasher and changing the filter is easy and takes just seconds.

Does the Miele CM6350 Have a Coffee Grinder?

The Miele CM6350 has a stainless-steel mill grinder with 5 coarseness settings. This was rated as fine but unremarkable.

Does Miele Make Great Espresso?

It is excellent but rated below many JURA, Gaggia and some DeLonghi and Breville Machines. Miele espresso makers have programmable coffee strength and grounds volume, water temperature, milk and froth amounts.

Miele Coffee Machine Review

Miele CM6350 Specifications

  • CM 6150 LOWE — Item 29615010USA
  • Overall Dimensions 10” (251 mm) W x 141/8” (359 mm) H x 163/4” (427 mm) D
  • Main Dispenser Height Dimensions Adjustable: 31/8” – 51/2” (80 – 140 mm)
  • Electrical Requirements 120V, 60Hz, 15A Power Cord Molded NEMA 5-15A plug, 4’ 7” (1.4 m)
  • Pump Pressure Max. 217 psi (15 Bar)
  • Miele CM6350 Grinder Stainless steel mill
  • Grinder Settings 5 settings
  • Water Reservoir Capacity 61 fl.oz. (1.8 l)
  • Miele CM6350 Bean Container Capacity 10.58 oz. (300 g)
  • Waste Grounds Container Capacity Max. 10 portions of coffee grounds
  • Ground Coffee Per Serving
  • Miele CM6350 Shipping Shipping Weight 27 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions 231/16” W x 171/16” H x 1213/16” L

Of all the Miele Coffee Machine Reviews we have done, the Miele CM6350 is one of the best of the bunch.

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