Keurig K70

Product Detail of Keurig K70 Platinum Used from Amazon sellers

Keurig K70

$140 (used)

Keurig K70


Keurig K70 Platinum



  • Simple To Use
  • Fast Warm Up
  • Platinum Model Has Large Water Capacity


  • A Little Noisy
  • Pod Costs Over Time
  • Environmental Impact
  • Total Cost vs Automatic Espresso Makers

The Keurig K70 is a great machine with a lot of competition. So why choose the K70 model over all the others? We asked that question and got some surprising results. The K70 does make great coffee but so do the other Keurig models. For a comprehensive look at their current products, look at our 2020 Keurig Coffee Maker Buyers Guide.

The K70 was the first model to include some key technologies and this led to a better experience, faster coffee preparation and some improvements in cleanup and maintenance.

Keurig Quiet-Brew Technology

The K70 model has Keurig’s Quiet-Brew feature. On paper it does have some noise benefits over other models. But our experience showed that it may be ‘quieter’ but calling it ‘quiet’ may be overstating things.

Improved Use and Cleanup

The Keurig K70 model continues the advantages of the pod system. They are easy to use and simple to maintain. They are great for households with a single coffee drinker or for families full of java junkies too

K70 Platinum Model

Keurig K70 and K70 Platinum models updated review for 2020

Used Keurig K70 Models are Available

Keurig K70 Platinum Model

The K70 Platinum model has a larger reservoir than K70 so more brewing, less refilling and two additional brew sizes. The Platinum model offers the choice of five cup sizes. Its best feature is the 72-oz water reservoir. It is a solid machine that has some nice design features.

The K70 Platinum is a sleek, easy to use system. Its design is great and it is reasonably compact at 13″H x 10.3″W x 13.8″D. It is model # 114052. The water tank is a bit awkward to remove, compared to some other models.

You can read all about the top Keurig models in our comparison review of 8 Keurig Coffee Maker models. We wrote extensively on Nespresso vs Keurig and the CHULUX coffee maker is also an interesting, inexpensive alternative.

Pods vs Automatics

A super automatic espresso maker or bean to cup coffee maker will grind beans, froth milk and make great drinks with the touch of a button. Like a Keurig, they can make a single drink. If you are a big fan of milk-based espresso drinks like cappuccinos or lattes then hands down a pod system will make inferior drinks. If this causes you to make frequent trips to Starbucks for your latte then you are probably spending too much and an espresso maker could be a better choice for you.

And, over time, they can cost a lot less than pod systems. As we mention in our overview of Keurig coffee makers, the long-term cost of the pods is a serious issue.

Also, bean to cup and super automatic machines allow you to have more options of coffee bean brands and roasts. They also offer more customization and programmability so you can tailor your brewing and milk frothing to your preference.

Keurig is increasingly adding different types of drinks to its pod system. These include cocoa, tea, fruit drinks and ciders among other. This is an advantage of a pod system since automatic espresso makers don’t offer these options.

K70 Specifications

  • Product Dimensions       13 x 13.8 x 13.3 inches
  • Item Weight       12 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 14.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer   Keurig
  • ASIN      B00F97ICOK
  • Item model number       K70 and K70 Platinum

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