Gaggia Brera

Gaggia Brera espresso maker 2020 review

Gaggia Brera


Gaggia Brera



  • Top Quality Brewing
  • Excellent Design
  • Classic Looks
  • Brewing, Milk and Grinding All Superb
  • Outstanding Value

Revisiting a Classic for 2020

The Gaggia Brera holds number 18 on our list of the Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines for 2020 and it by far, the least expensive model on the list. The most expensive model is about 15x more expensive than the Brera.

It is no secret that we love Gaggia espresso makers. They have earned consistently high ratings on this site and hold 8 slots on our best of list. This is compared to rival JURA who hold three of the top spots.

Gaggia Brera Coupon

At the moment, there is an online coupon for a new Brera at this link. We will try to take it down when we know it has expired

Gaggia Brera Review

The Gaggia Brera is not just an excellent value, it is an excellent super automatic at any price. It comes with a stainless-steel boiler, adjustable pre-brewing, their Gaggia adapting system, 5 settings Ceramic grinder and three setting Optiaroma system.

This means high quality grounds and outstanding brewing. The result is consistently great espresso crema, the perfect levels of acidity, great aroma and that viscous mouth feel that you only get from top espresso machines.

Gaggia Brera Tradeoffs

This is not an expensive machine given the top-quality brewing. So, there are some tradeoffs at this price. The Gaggia Brera has only 2, one-touch beverage options. These are espresso and espresso lungo. Also, it will dispense hot water and steam.

The Brera has a 1.2-liter water tank, an 8.8-ounce bean hopper and it holds 8 pucks of spent coffee grounds. These are all good for a machine at this price.

Like it’s more costly cousins, the Gaggia Brera stands out in the market due to its espresso brewing and milk handling. Generally, I am not a fan of Pannarello wands for home use. I feel like it is too much effort and leads to inconsistent results. It is hard for a home espresso connoisseur to adjust their technique for lattes vs cappuccinos, let along for different types or temperatures of milk. But if you want a Pannarello then this is as good as they get.

Brera 59100

Gaggia Brera super automatic espresso machine

Our Gaggia Brera review reaffirms our “Strong Buy” recommendation.

The Gaggia Anima is a worthwhile upgrade if you are willing to pay more for more features.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Our Gaggia Brera review found this to be a very easy machine to clean. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe. These are the Pannarello, water tank, coffee pucks container, drip tray. The brewing unit can be accessed via the side panel.

The Gaggia Brera super automatic espresso machine punches above its weight. It delivers top quality, great performance and only modest tradeoffs, which are all fine for its price range.

Gaggia Brera Specifications

  • 12.4″H x 10″W x 17.5″D dimensions
  • 18 pounds
  • 40-ounce, 1.2-liter water tank
  • 8.8-ounce bean hopper
  • Holds 8 pucks of spent coffee grounds
  • Stainless steel boiler
  • Adjustable pre-brewing
  • Gaggia adapting system
  • 5 settings ceramic grinder
  • 3 Setting Optiaroma
  • 2 one-touch beverage options – Espresso and espresso lungo plus hot water and steam
  • Easy clean removable classic Pannarello: frontal; water tank: frontal; coffee pucks container: frontal; drip tray: frontal; brewing unit: side
  • ASIN B003XV31IG
  • Model number 59100
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