Gaggia Anima Review 2020 Update

gaggia anima review

Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic

$567.64 - $637.64

Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic



  • Fully Automatic
  • Pannarello Foaming


  • Grinder Adjustment Tool
  • Spent Puck Disposal

Outstanding Brews With Minor Issues

About Gaggia

The Gaggia Anima super-automatic espresso machine is produced by Gaggia. Gaggia is an Italian company headquartered in Milan. They are very highly regarded for the design and quality of their espresso machines. The company also makes small kitchen appliances which sell well in Europe.

In 2009, Dutch consumer electronics giant Philips purchased Gaggia’s parent company, Saeco International Group. Aside from the 2015 Gaggia Classic, all their espresso makers are still believed to be manufactured in Italy.

Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Review
Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic
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Super Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic vs. Manual Espresso Machines

One of the questions to consider when choosing an espresso maker is whether you want a manual, semi-automatic or super-automatic design. I previously compared this to how car aficionados talk about manual vs. automatic transmissions.

It has not been true for a long time that automatic machines brew worse coffee than manual or semi-automatic machine. Most automatic machines make consistently great coffee. Human error with manual and semi-automatic machines leads to more bad coffee. So, ask yourself if you want to learn the art and science of brewing espresso or you want to enjoy it.

The terms super-automatic, semi-automatic and manual espresso machines are not standardized terms. They vary a lot between manufacturers and between their models. However, most super-automatic machines are really very automatic. Therefore, if you want to press a button and get great coffee then buy a great super-automatic and make it easy on yourself.

If you want to play barista then get a manual machine. But, don’t buy one for coffee quality. Maybe you really want to have all the hand-on experiences of brewing your own espresso. In any case, the best choice for quality is super-automatic and this is where the Gaggia Anima comes in.

Why Buy an Italian Espresso Machine?

The Gaggia Anima super-automatic espresso machine an Italian machine. I strongly recommend that over models made in China. Many Asian models look similar to Italian designs at a glance and have a similar list of features to more expensive Italian machines.

The lower costs of Chinese models often come with trade offs on brewing technology which means less quality and consistency. Also, they may also be more difficult to maintain and clean. Finally, a well regarded brand typically means better durability.

You may be fine with these trade offs for less expensive appliances that also require less control and nuance to work well. In other words, don’t save a couple of hundred bucks buying a Chinese espresso machine and then spend thousands going back to your local coffee shop to get the quality you want.

Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic Push Button Controls

The Anima delivers all the quality of a professional barista in a push-button experience and wrapped in an elegant exterior. However, it does have a few design quirks that affect the cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

Compared to some other super-automatic manufacturers, Gaggia puts in more effort to hide the inner workings of the Anima. So, there are some fewer adjustments and programming options than some more expensive models.

We can recommend the Gaggia Anima Super Automatic and awarded it a high rating. This is a nice step up from the Gaggia Brera, which is the next model down from the Anima. This is a great, personal use system, in contrast to Gaggia Babila vs Accademia.

Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic Brewing Features

Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic Review
Near perfect push-button brewing

Gaggia’s Anima Super-Automatic makes it simple to make to brew world-class espresso.

The LED interface is very simple with dedicated brew buttons. The Anima has the usual support for espresso, espresso lungo and others built in.

On the other hand, many people will like that the brewing options for espresso and espresso lungo can be handled through physical buttons. The touch controls have attractive chrome accents.

The Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic features adjustable coffee strengths and dosage It has an automatic shut-off. There is a decalcification indicator and a low-water warning.

However, like most models, the Anima brewing settings are programmable, but you probably won’t need to change them. There are three different temperature settings. This makes the Gaggia Anima much easier to use than something like the La Pavoni espresso machine.

The dispenser spout adjusts up and down to for the usual sizes of cups for everything from espressos to lattes. I like that you can fit a regular sized bag of beans in it.

Anima Grinder Technology

The Anima has a good grinder which produces a moderate amount to noise and consistent ground sizes. There are five grinder settings so you can adjust to get the perfect extraction for your beans and preferred drink. However, the grinder adjustment requires a tool that comes with the machine which is not a decision that we like and it means you need to avoid losing or misplacing the tool.

Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic Microfoam

The Gaggia Anima has a Pannarello-style frothing wand. These supplement the steaming action of the machine by infusing a small amount of extra air with the steam. So, this is an example of where you do not want to mess with a cheap knockoff. You want consistent, error-free silky, microfoam and not the spongy thick mess of some cheaper models.

Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic Cleaning and Maintenance

Gaggia Anima slid out tray for spent coffee pucks
Removing spent pucks

The Anima has pretty easily accessible water reservoir and bean hopper. Also, features a removable 60 oz water reservoir that can be accessed on the top left of the machine. The bean hopper holds  8.8 ounces of beans and is on the top right of the machine.

In order to empty the spent pucks (grounds) you have to slide out a surprisingly large tray from the front of the machine. This is a little awkward. Also, it hold 15 pucks worth of used ground coffee which is a little less than we would have liked to see.

Anima Warranty and Service Number

Finally, the Gaggia Anima has a 2 year warranty. Service is handled by Gaggia USA directly so they do not outsource it to some other company. This is an important consideration people don’t consider often enough. Gaggia USA can be reached for service (888)389-4123.

Specifications Gaggia Anima Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Dimensions       16.93” X 13.38” X 8.7”
  • Weight 25 pounds
  • Temperature settings: Min (177.5 °F), Med (182.9 °F), Max (184.5 °F)
  • Water reservoir – removable 60 oz which is accessed on the top left side of the machine
  • Coffee Bean hopper – 8.8 ounce capacity with access from the top right of the machine
  • Boiler Configuration       Single-Boiler/Dual-Use
  • Single, external, rapid steam boiler made of Stainless Steel and Lined with Aluminum
  • Thermoblock Brew Boiler
  • Removable,Automatic Cleaning Cycle
  • Automatic Brew Unit is made of Plastic
  • Brew Boiler 1400 watts
  • Coffee Filter CompatibilityPaper (Cone)
  • Push Button Controls
  • Cup Height (min, inches)             4.33
  • Dreg Drawer Capacity (Spent Pucks)        15
  • Drip Tray Capacity (oz)   24
  • Drip Tray Cover Material             Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tray Material          Plastic
  • Portafilter Baskets Included        Single
  • Ceramic Flat Burr Grinder
  • Dispensing Method        Doser
  • Ground Coffee Container Material           Plastic
  • Bean Hopper Capacity (Oz)         8.8
  • Grinding Method Burr
  • Programmable Grinding Single
  • Bean Hopper Material   Plastic
  • Housing Color   Stainless Steel
  • Housing Material            ABS Thermoplastic
  • Recommended Descaler Type    Gaggia Decalcifier
  • Recommended Water Filter        Mavea Intenza
  • Ground, E.S.E., Pod and Capsule Compatibility    Ground Coffee
  • Portafilter Type Commercial Style
  • Pump Pressure (Max. Bar)           15
  • Pump Type         Vibration Pump
  • Number of Grinder Settings        5
  • Warranty Service Provider          Importika
  • Warranty Service Provider Phone Number           888-389-4123
  • Manufacturers Warranty Period 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Volt       110V-120V (US)
  • Watts    1400
  • Power Cord Length (inches)        48
  • Steam Wand Features   No-Burn
  • Steam Tip Hole Count    1
  • Steam Wand Material    Plastic
  • Steam Wand Movement Type    Pivoting (side-to-side)
  • Steam Wand     Pannarello
  • Steam Wand Usable Length        2.5
  • Water Reservoir Access Location              Top
  • Water Reservoir Capacity 60
  • Water Reservoir Features  Removable
  • Water Reservoir Material Plastic
  • Water Source    Built-In Reservoir

Is the Gaggia Anima an automatic or super automatic espresso machine?

The Gaggia Anima is a super automatic. With one touch of the button it will grind beans, express espresso, add water (if needed), foam and steam milk and empty the spent coffee ground puck into a self contained storage bin.

Does the Gaggia Anima Have a Boiler or Thermoblock heater?

The Gaggia Anima has a single, stainless steel boiler. It is extremely precise and always heats to the programmed temperature.

Does Gaggia offer a Warranty on The Anima

Yes, Gaggia offers a 1 Year Limited Warranty

What is the capacity of the Gaggia Anima?

The Gaggia Anima is 16.93” X 13.38” X 8.7” and weighs 25 pounds. It holds 60 oz of water, 8.8 ounces of coffee beans and holds up to 15 pucks of used coffee grounds. The drip tray holds 24 ounces.

Does the Gaggia Anima steam and froth milk automatically?

Yes, the Gaggia Anima has a Pannarello-style frothing wand. This infuses a small amount of extra air with the steam. It provides consistent, error-free silky, microfoam with a single press of a button.

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