Flair Espresso Maker

Flair Espresso Maker

Flair Espresso Maker


Original Flair Manual Espresso Maker



  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Beautiful Designs and Finish
  • Nice Brew Head Design
  • It Can Make Outstanding Espresso


  • Espresso Quality Depends On The User
  • Lots of Pieces

Handcrafted Flair Slow Espresso Press Review

Maybe the Flair Espresso Maker is for the kind of person who makes their own beer and candles and who only listens to music on vinyl. The Flair espresso machine is a tool that looks like sculpture and like any tool the quality of the output depends on the skill of the craftsman as much as the quality of the tool.

The Flair espresso maker is not a machine. It is truly, fully manual at every step. You really cannot grasp that until you see it. It is beautiful, maddingly labor intensive and makes truly excellent espresso. And it is absolutely not for everyone.

Even watching someone use this will teach you a lot about how espresso is really made from hot water and pressure. And you may just make one of the most amazing shots of espresso you ever had.  It is actually fun to watch someone else make espresso. Whether it is fun to use says a lot about you. It is a lot of parts and steps. You really have to commit to the work of learning how to use this and following the steps or you will make terrible espresso.

Slow Espresso For The Coffee Craftsman

If the phrases “slow espresso” and “handcrafted espresso” get your interest, then read on. The Flair espresso maker is available in three levels. The Original Flair, Flair Signature and the Flair Pro 2. We are looking at the Original model here.

Each one is as expensive as a manual or low-end automatic espresso maker. People don’t buy these to save money and they certainly don’t buy a Flair to save time. It takes a long time to make a single shot.

Although it uses a lever for you to apply the pressure and produces only between 6-9 bar of pressure (compared to 15 bar for most espresso machines) it makes surprisingly great espresso with a viscous mouth feel and a thick rich crema.

It is made of really nice materials. It has sweeping lines and beautiful finish. It has a detachable brewing head so you can remove the head for cleaning.

Puts You In Control (For Better and Worse)

Obviously, there is a lot to mess up along the way compared to a super automatic. Everything from the grind to the water temperature to the tamping to the pressure and brew length is 100% in your control. For better or worse. So, if you

The biggest shortfall of the Flair espresso maker is the user. Ask yourself if you will really use this? If you are not willing to go through these many steps every time you want some espresso, then don’t buy one. Buy a great one-touch super automatic espresso machine. If you want an amazingly beautiful tool that will teach you as much about espresso as any school and will be a great conversation piece, then go for it. It’s great.

How to Use The Flair Espresso Machine

  1. Measure your grinds using your measure. Interestingly this is the only time in the demo that they use an electric device.
  2. Use your own grinder to grind the beans. You might as well use a hand grinder since you came this far
  3. Heat water to 195- and 205-degrees Fahrenheit then pour hot water over the brew head to preheat it
  4. Manually tamp the grounds
  5. Assemble the parts
  6. Pour the water in the top reservoir
  7. Attached the pressure gauge
  8. Time everything
  9. Press and hold

The Flair Original

Flair manual espresso maker shown with handle and brew head assembled

Gorgeous and capable of making amazing espresso if you have the patience and discipline.

Closeup demonstration of the Flair manual, hand pump espresso maker with a thick prema, Flair Espresso machine
Amazing crema that you definitely work for


There are a number of accessories that come with the Flair and a few optional accessories as well

Flair Espresso machine carrying case; flair esprepsso maker reviews
The Flair carrying case is very sleek and nice

Optional Accessories for the Original Flair

The Classic Solo comes standard with a really nice carrying case.

The Classic Plus comes with a stainless-steel tamper. You could use your own hand tamper if you prefer

The Pressure Kit includes the tamper and a pressure gauge to allow users to brew with precision targeting the “Espresso Zone.”

How to Brew Espresso With the Flair Espresso Maker

Flair Instructional Video

Other Flair Espresso Maker Reviews

We hope you like our Flair Espresso Review. If you want to read more consider the Amazon Reviews.


Does the Flair Espresso Maker make great espresso?

Yes, it can make outstanding espresso that has a rich crema and satisfying mouth feel. But don’t buy it for that reason. You will learn a lot about how espresso is really brewed but how amazing your espresso is depending on you and your attention to detail and patience.

How do I use the Flair Espresso Maker?

See the detailed steps and video for more. The steps are setting up the Flair, grinding, tamping, preheating the brew head, assembling the brew head, adding the grounds filter, pouring in the water, closing the device, pressing and managing the pressure to brew the espresso.

Where do I buy the Flair Espresso Maker?

The best prices and shipping we have seen are through the links above.

Does the Flair Espresso Maker have a warranty?

Both the aluminum press stand, and the stainless-steel brewing head are backed by a 5-year warranty.

How do I clean the Flair Espresso Maker?

After each use disassemble the Flair and hand wash with a mild detergent. Pay attention to all the parts that coffee grounds and the brewed espresso touch because the residue can make your espresso bitter.

How big is the Flair Espresso Maker?

Assembled view of the Flair espresso press

The full specs are below but the Flair Original weighs 4.9 Pounds, the carrying case is 12.5″L x 9″W x 3.25″H (32cm x 23cm x 8cm) and the press is 12″L x 6″W x 10″H (30cm x 15cm x 25cm) assembled.

Flair Espresso Machine Specifications

  • Flair Espresso Machine Weight: 5lbs (2.27kg)
  • Weight 4.9 Pounds
  • Case Size: 12.5″L x 9″W x 3.25″H (32cm x 23cm x 8cm)
  • Assembled Size: 12″L x 6″W x 10″H (30cm x 15cm x 25cm)
  • Cylinder Water Capacity: 60ml
  • Lever Pressure: 6 BAR to 10 BAR
  • Shot Extraction Time: Target between 30 and 45 seconds
  • Shot Volume: Roughly 45ml
  • Coffee Grounds Input Weight: Recommend between 13 and 18 grams

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