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Coffee Reviews

This site is a celebration of a drink. Machines and passport stamps and latte art and tampers and all the rest are just steps and tools to get the best drink possible.

We have been conducting coffee bean reviews for some time and will start publishing them here soon.

We also will test coffee grinders like the Eureka Mignon Specialita. Check also our reviews of accessories and non-mechanical coffee makers and post the reviews in this section of the site. This will include Pour Over Coffee Makers, French Press, Aero Press, Cold Brew and Vietnamese Coffee Makers.

Espresso coffee beans reviews
Coffee Reviews

Coffee Reviews

Currently In Testing

These are coffees that are currently in testing. We expect to publish these soon on the site.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee

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Phil & Sebastian Coffee - two canadian engineers have dedicated their lives to pursuing the idea brew.
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Phil & Sebastian Coffee – two canadian engineers have dedicated their lives to pursuing the idea brew.

When you think of coffee Canadian engineers probably isn’t what comes to mind.

Maybe it is the engineers in them but they have the longest story about the formation of their company imaginable. It is sweet and charming and really illustrates the sacrifices people put into purusing their dreams..

They buy directly from Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Bolivia, Kenya and Ethiopia and have launched quality and sustainability projects in nearly all the countries.

2020 Review is Live

Phil & Sebastian Coffee - The Standards beans
Phil & Sebastian Coffee – The Standard coffee beans

In Testing. Our 2020 Review Will Be Live Soon.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee - The San Jacinto coffee bean review
Phil & Sebastian Coffee – The San Jacinto coffee bean

Driftaway Coffee Reviews

Driftaway coffee reviews world sampler pack shown unboxed
We reviewed the Driftaway Coffee subscription and gift Subscription Service for Top Buyers Guide. Click the image to read more.

Driftaway Coffee offers a really compelling subscription and gift subscription service. We tested their World Sampler and published the review on Top Buyers Guide.

Their World Sampler Pack is a great, really compelling offering that can help you to challenge you preconceptions about your favorite brew.

We also tell you all about their subscription offerings, customer service, shipping and where they stand as an ethical source of gourmet coffee beans. Check out the full Driftaway Coffee review on Top Buyers Guide

Coffee Discount Codes

These discount codes are for all sorts of coffee and espresso products, subscriptions and services. Check out these deals below and save on some favorites or discover some of the great companies delivering the best in coffee.

We received every coffee coupon below direct from the company in March 2020. We will update the list periodically to add new ones and remove expired coupons.

Also check out our great coffee reviews, espresso maker reviews, and more.

Coffee Discount Codes March 2020

Coopers Cask Coffee: Free 2-3 Day Shipping on Orders Over $39.95!

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CannaBliss Farmacy: Free 4oz CBD Coffee with Purchase

CannaBliss Farmacy: Free 4oz bag of Hemp Extract Coffee with any purchase

Cafe Joe USA: Shop Cafe Joe’s NEW Coffee Bites Today!

Hawaii Coffee Company: 100% Pure Kona Coffee at Hawaii Coffee Company

Hawaii Coffee Company: All limited release coffee at Hawaii Coffee Company

Hawaii Coffee Company: All Gourmet Coffee at Hawaii Coffee Company

Hawaii Coffee Company: Shop all gifts at Hawaii Coffee Company

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters: 50% Off First Order. Also read our Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters Review

Coopers Cask Coffee: 10% off first time order – free shipping over $39.95

How We Review Coffee

Our process is always evolving but here are the steps to reviewing coffee.

We research the company and brew to understand what they are going for. It is best to judge a coffee and recommend it based on its intended use.

The first step is to examine the packaging and examine how it was shipped. Coffee packaging varies a lot and the care that goes into the coffee inevitably shows through in beverage quality.

We open the packaging and judge the coffee beans initial appearance and aroma. We examine the inner lining of the packaging and how well it reseals.

Next we examine the look feel of the beans to confirm how rich, oily etc the beans appear.

We conduct several tests over a minimum two week period. This allows us to judge the coffee at different times of day and under different conditions.

We use a standard filtered tap water in every test, even where a coffee company suggests otherwise.

The taste tests are held with variation in grind, temperatures, steep times and other variables in a French Press, espresso machine and in a drip coffee maker. We make sure to note how the taste changes over the two week period as well because this tells you how well the beans maintain their freshness. Across thes

If there are any outlier, terrible scores then we simple throw them out and specify the coffee should not be prepared that way. For example, one bean we tested was advertised as an espresso bean and it was awful in our drip maker. So, we do not average the drip brewing rankings in the final score and instead will specify in the review that it is highly not recommended that the beans be prepared that way.

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