CHULUX coffee maker

CHULUX coffee maker review single serve QF-CM811

CHULUX coffee maker

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CHULUX Coffee Maker



  • Attractive, Great Colors
  • Simple To User
  • K-Cup Compatible


  • Website and Documentation Is Weak
  • Warranty and Customer Service

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Review 2020

The CHULUX coffee maker is for people who want to go the other direction. In an industry of packing in features most people will never use, the CHULUX single cup coffee maker has a minimalist design. Where companies like Keurig make machines to lock you into their pods, CHULUX gives you choice. Simple, attractive, inexpensive and functional, this CHULUX single serve coffee maker review gives this little machine a strong endorsement!

CHULUX K-Cup Coffee Maker

The CHULUX single serve coffee maker is compatible with K-Cup coffee pods. We like that is was designed to work seamlessly with the CHULUX reusable filter which means you can use any coarsely ground coffee with it. Give that ground coffee cost $.10 to $.30 less than many K-Cup pods that means your daily cup could save you $100 a year.

CHULUX Coffee Maker Reviews

In writing our CHULUX coffee maker review we consulted other reviews. By all accounts the CHULUX single serve coffee brewer is well made. It has some excellent Amazon reviews, with a few caveats.

People agree that this is a great value and an excellent choice for an occasional coffee maker. It is very compact. It measures 4.3″ W x 7.5″D x 9.8″ H so it will fit in tight locations like an small AirBNB, small office, dorm or first apartment. The consensus tends to be that that CHULUX coffee brewer QF-CM811 is well made and simple to use.

For such a small machine we didn’t have any issue fitting standard sized or larger cups. We fit up to 5.3“ on the drip tray.

CHULUX Single Sup Coffee Maker Concerns

The K-CUP compatible CHULUX single cup coffee maker comes with some tradeoffs. The warmup time is long. It takes about a minute to warm up for a 5 oz cup and 2 minutes to warm up for a 12 oz cup. This is much longer than our Keurig K70 tests for example.

It doesn’t have large capacity and some people complain about the cleaning. We didn’t see that as a problem and this seems fine for such an inexpensive machine.

CHULUX Single Cup Coffee Maker Colors

One of the ways the CHULUX single serve coffee maker stands apart from Keurig and Nespresso is the design. It may appeal to people who like the Nordic styles of IKEA products or other fans of minimalist modern design. The colors are really nice. It comes in black and cyan plus really attractive, vibrant shades of orange, green, blue and red. The orange is surprisingly attractive and really stands out from other single serve coffee makers.  It performs well and stays cool to the touch.

CHULUX vs Keurig

If you are already interested in a single serve machine then you have to wonder about CHULUX vs Keurig. Other CHULUX Coffee Maker Reviews have tested the machine for extended periods of time and they and users felt like it is pretty durable. Neither are as good a machine overall as the Cuisinart Coffee Center. YOu also get better espresso and excellent milk from a Nespresso Creatista, but that is a much more expensive machine.

Given the price, beautiful design and colors, simple use and compact design we think this CHULUX single serve coffee maker brewer is a worthy alternative to Keurig.

CHULUX Coffee Brewer QF-CM811

CHULUX coffee maker review service cleaning and warranty

CHULUX K-cup Coffee Maker Accessories

This is what you can expect in the box when you get your CHULUX single serve machine

  • Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Reusable Filter Basket
  • Removable Drip Tray and Cover
  • CHULUX Instruction Manual


CHULUX was founded almost two decades ago by Mr. Xia who claims he was responding to his wife’s desire for a simple to use single cup coffee maker. CHULUX now makes several kinds of small kitchen appliances in China. These include blenders, grinders and an electric kettle. They export to the US, Europe and Japan.

CHULUX customer service

The CHULUX website is Frankly it isn’t that useful, and you get better information and more useful reviews on Amazon. Their email is

We haven’t tried to call CHULUX customer service, but we are not that optimistic. Their website, Amazon store and documentation are all pretty garbled English. The CHULUX single serve manual is pretty simple. Frankly, the machine is so easy to use that you should be able to get through fine with the instructions. We included a cleaning guide to help as well. The CHULUX company seems to be a reputable organization and their coffee maker is a solid product.

Warranties and Guarantee

According to they guarantee the coffee maker against mechanical and electrical defects for one year. They offer to repair or replace defective parts free and requires you to provide proof of purchase.

There are a lot of disclaimers on this. It says that it is only valid if used “for domestic purposes” is used in according to the instructions. They give themselves an out for problems caused by your electrical supply

Cleaning and troubleshooting

Single serve coffee makers like the CHULUX single serve, Nespresso and Keurig models all suffer from the same issue. The way K-cups are pierced, and coffee is brewed leads to the coarse grounds getting stuck. With a machine this simple it is probably the only real issue you will face.

Take out the plastic coffee pod basket and look through into the opening in the needle for blockage. Take a straightened paper clip or toothpick and pooke it up in there a few times.

To clean it just make a 50:50 mix of water and vinegar and run a cycle. Let the remainder of the mix soak in the water tank for an hour. Empty the machine and run a cycle or two of clean water. All the removable and detachable accessories are dishwasher safe.

The model QF-CM811 CHULUX single serve coffee maker brewer is made of food grade materials, they use BPA-free plastic on the water reservoir and needle.

Should I buy the CHULUX coffee maker?

Yes, if you want a cheap, simple and attractive single serve coffee maker this is a good choice. Our 2020 CHULUX review gave it good marks.

Where do I buy the CHULUX coffee maker?

Orange CHULUX single serve k-cup coffee maker

Do not buy off their website. The shipping, information, deals and return policy are better on Amazon. We included links and it is eligible for Prime shipping.

How do you clean the CHULUX coffee maker?

We included cleaning and troubleshooting steps, plus customer service information. Removable parts can be hand or dishwasher washed. Run a 50:50 mix of vinegar and water through the coffee maker and let some soak in the water tank for an hour. Flush with clean water.

Does the CHULUX single serve coffee maker use K-Cups?

Yes, the CHULUX is K-Cup compatible and they also sell a reusable filter for your own coffee grounds.

Who makes the CHULUX coffee maker?

CHULUX is a Chinese based manufacturer of small appliances. They are not known to have any affiliation with any major brands or with Keurig.

Does CHULUX offer a guarantee on its coffee maker?

They do offer a 1-year manufacturer’s defect warranty with a lot of disclaimers. Details can be found on their website and the customer services email is

CHULUX Specifications

  • 19.2 x 13.4 x 6.6 inches
  • Item Weight 4 pounds
  • Shipping Weight 4 pounds
  • ASIN B016UO0EL4
  • Item model number QF-CM811
  • Voltage: 120V~60Hz
  • Power: 800W (Two pins UL plug with 100cm power cord)
  • Capacity: 12 Ounce
  • Size: 4.3″ W x 7.5″D x 9.8″ H
  • Weight: 2.2 LBS
  • 3.5 Bar Pump
  • Removable Drip Tray-Change height for mugs for splash-free brewing.
  • Filter Basket-Fit on inlet of water tank to avoid coffee powder or dust falling into it.

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