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stainmaster signature carpet reviews

It stays cleaner for longer, too, meaning it will maintain its appearance and be easy to wash out when necessary. Once again we used Lowe's and purchased the exact same carpet and padding again! By March 2020, it was ruined by pets. we need the money for a new floor!! For example, someone who lives alone can probably get away with lush,… Shaw carpet review Stain comes back. Do not purchase this carpet or matching pet stainmaster padding. Families with small children may benefit from the hard–wearing carpets made by StainMaster, and it’s the same for households with pets. Reviewed in the United States on July 7, 2018. These look very casual, with modern, clean lines that can do wonders if you are looking for a minimal effect on your room. That's due to the inherent strength of the nylon 6,6 fiber which is known for its durability, plus strict standards and testing protocols in order for a product to carry the StainMaster name. Recurring spots not a defect. I now have $10,000 worth of stained carpet. I am warning everyone out there... DO NOT purchase anything from Lowe's if you expect for them to inform you of all the policies corporations placed on their inferior products and warranties! StainMaster carpets also have flecks of coloring in their carpets, which can help you create a soft look in your room – and is also good for hiding any stains or dirt. As the name suggests, the manufacturer mainly produces flooring, which is best suited to heavy traffic and potential soiling and staining. 1. The secret of Stainmaster lies in the fiber construction—with physical properties so small, that you would need an electron microscope to see it. STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™ hybrid flooring also resists pet stains and odours from liquid accidents and is 100 percent waterproof*. After I filed a claim the room partially flooded negating any responsibility, said the unhelpful call center. StainMaster Overview. It’s important to take your time before selecting your color. Our local salesman has been great. Every year approximately half the new styles in carpet are brought to the market by STAINMASTER and found at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia.. Interestingly, the polyester fiber carpet … I immediately leaned it with my carpet cleaner. Excellent crush resistance also! It is a cream / white color and I have been amazed at how all pet accidents come right up! StainMaster also offers a polyester range of carpets. Home » Reviews » STAINMASTER Carpet Review. I have a carpet cleaner and cleaned it. July 12, 2019. Shaw Carpet Review: Don’t Buy New Carpets Until You Read This ... Anso, R2X, Stainmaster and all of the nylon’s other types are a perfect choice to give your homes an alluring look. For example, someone who lives alone can probably get away with lush, thick-pile carpets, whereas a busy household with children and pets needs to be a little more careful, as it is so easy to ruin a carpet. Did that two separate times. As its name suggests. The thickness of a carpet is known as its density. Families with small children may benefit from the hard–wearing carpets made by StainMaster, and it’s the same for households with pets. Backed by our superior Lifetime Stain, Soil and Wear Warranty, carpet made of Premier Stainmaster carpet fiber stays 30% cleaner and lasts 50% longer than other carpet. Finally, there is the Berber – or Loop – a range of carpets. Please try again later. StainMaster is one of the nations most popular carpet manufacturers. Fast forward again and now we had a couple of accidents from our older dog urinating on the carpet. StainMaster’s Pattern range is their ‘most expressive carpet’ according to their website. Their … We have a different Orange home improvement store that is 18 miles from our home; however, we chose to drive 80 miles one way to Lowe's! It was professionally cleaned at great expense at 1.5 years. I have yet to find anything that will get these stains out of my carpet. Carlson's Floors in Geneva has a top selection of Masland Carpets Carpet, including Signature Emblem in 12'' And with such a large range of colors, styles, and features available, it’s really easy to see why. Plus it has unsurpassed stain and soil resistance and the durability that is expected from STAINMASTER. Review: " Don't ever buy! " The last contact I had with them I was told by an employee that the manager said I could drive 80 miles one way and they would let me have a carpet cleaner and clean it myself! Stainmaster Active Family carpet is great for kids play rooms and more! contact  |  StainMaster ranks 628 of 1470 in Furniture and Decor category. The following flooring brands are industry leaders and are known for … claim #R-7398027. Today, we want to highlight some of the best carpet brands in the industry. Now keep in mind this carpet is supposed to have a 25 year warranty (that�s a joke)! Both in the Frieze "weave". PC I purchased stain master carpet had it made into an area rug instead of wall to wall. Premier Stainmaster Carpet Collection The absolute ultimate ingredient in the finest quality broadloom carpet is Premier Stainmaster carpet fiber. Don't buy StainMaster in the Baltimore area. Nylon 6,6 is exceptionally durable and will offer resilience and toughness for many years. One would think that with a name like Stainmaster, the stain-resistant properties of this carpet would come from a special topically-applied stain-blocker like Scotchgard, but this is not the case. The overall rating of the company is 1.0 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Tried to get it out had it cleaned doesn't come out. of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. This was and is the biggest waste of $5000 dollars. Common reviews praise the quality of Stainmaster carpeting, with many people saying it is the only stain-resistant carpet that truly lives up to its promise. I also had the carpeting installed through Lowe�s. privacy. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … This carpet is a piece of crap! I heard her tell the employee that I could do this or forget it. Crafted using 100% STAINMASTER Solution-Dyed Nylon 6,6, Applause is available in the six beautiful color-ways shown here. I immediately called a Lowe's again and was again given the run around. Simply put, customers seem to really love Stainmaster carpets. Model: Pet. The opinions expressed in these reviews are the opinions of consumers that submitted reviews to Verified Purchase. We tufted 3 distinctively different colors of yarns in a single needle enabling us to … Do you … Stainmaster is definitely a master of stains! Stainmaster is also a brand … Our website collected and compiled various consumer reviews about Mohawk Flooring and StainMaster as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands. If your family includes a four-legged friend, be sure to check out our STAINMASTER ® PetProtect ® carpet and cushion system. However, it doesn’t have the toughness and durability of Nylon 6,6, so it is probably best for low-traffic areas. This helps stop static shock that can happen often in modern homes with electronic devices all around the house. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Stainmaster Carpet Care Stain Remover, 22 oz at I have contacted Stain Master and they informed me that I had voided the warranty because I had not had the carpet professionally cleaned by a specific date. Masland’s carpet is of the broadloom variety, and their fiber selection is solid, even if you won’t get as much variety as you’ll find with other brands. StainMaster have made their name for producing tough carpets that are excellent at keeping stains at bay. The Texture range is very versatile and will suit most homes, whether old or new. He has tried to help. Unless I had purchased the extended warranty. Started having stain break through (pet urine) within 1 year after purchase. I cleaned it again... same results. Conclusion - Not a manufacturer related issue. That's a crock!! From easy-to-clean carpet that’s perfect for families to extra durable carpet options that meet your pets' needs, we have a carpet for you. You’ll know how much your project costs immediately. They said to get it professionally clean with water base and no detergents. Lowe's was done dealing with me! As a rule, the taller the pile, the more luxurious it is – such as shag pile, for example. LKS, May 7, 2014 #1. ortiz34 2nd generation Senior Member. That is not true. They referred me to the installation people, who of course couldn�t help me. We are looking at the Mohawk Lasting Elegance, Smart Strand carpet and also the Stainmaster Pet Protect. The remaining three are smaller niche mills that specialize in only making high-end, beautiful carpet. It is now just shy of three years and my carpeting is buckling down the center of my living room, and fibers keep coming out. So they said they only make and guarantee the fibers for stains! Only carpet protection and warranty that covers all pets, all accidents, all the time." Our carpets are designed for the way you live. What’s more, the carpet fibers can be harmed by way of a vacuum brush that’s too low. During the second week coffee had been spilled in the living room. We had really great experiences and were pleased with our prior purchases. The store in Carlsbad was going through some difficult times due to lack of employees due to the oil boom in the area. It should be named "StainMAKER! Now if I had bald spot (maybe) that would be different. StainMaster was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Apr 28, 2015 and since then this brand received 8 reviews. Soft for your feet … This site is not affiliated with Empire Today. Select a carpet product below to learn more. I will not purchase, or recommend stainmaster carpeting ever again. STAINMASTER ® carpet that you are not afraid to walk or live on! is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, In this guide, we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about StainMaster carpets, who are one of the leading names in the carpet industry and provide durable, hard-wearing carpets in a range of different fibers and styles. Best Vinyl Plank Flooring: Luxury, Wide, Wood-like, and more! The company, Stainmaster, states in writing that their carpet is Pet Accident Friendly and Stain Resistant. They of course can�t help me either! Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet is a great option for residential areas because it is made to resist most floor and beverage stains. After a flood requiring all new flooring, we went with Stainmaster because we have 2 (very well-trained) dogs and wanted to upgrade what was originally in the condo. Stains won't disappear. PetProtect is designed with pets in mind and is the wise choice if you have a dog or cat in the household. Polyester is quite versatile, and offers stain and fade resistance. This is the oldest brand in the carpet business at 88 years … Similarly, many landlords who rent out their properties to tenants may find that the long-lasting fibers are ideal for keeping maintenance costs down in between tenancies. StainMaster also offers a variety of specialized protection for their carpets. Masland's Signature carpet features a bold and classic rib pattern using 3 different color yarns in a single needle, creating a unique depth of color across the whole floor. When I used it per instructions, the product left a soapy residue. Applause is a thick, textured, cut-pile carpet with the benefits of exceptional durability and unsurpassed colorfastness, all in a pet-friendly texture. Do yourself a huge favor and purchase local! People also like that, even though the carpets are highly durable, they still have and retain a softness that makes the carpet enjoyable. Stains will not come out, yes, carpet has been cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. Uses a proprietary anti-soil technology we created that makes our carpets resist stains and stay cleaner longer Warranty brochure reads "All Pet Protection. How Long Does It Take to Install Hardwood Floors? Our carpet are designed for the way you live. STAINMASTER™ PetProtect™ Hybrid flooring also offers Pet ActionTraction™ so your four-legged friends and their two-legged sidekicks can be as active as they want. There are four different ranges to choose from PetProtect, LiveWell, Active Family and Trusoft. Let our Empire Flooring experts help you find the perfect floors for your home today. I contacted Lowe�s ( who of course couldn�t help me). Choosing the right flooring for your home is not an easy task. We remodeled our home and used Lowe's in Carlsbad, NM. Find the best companies in Gadgets and Accessories category: Lifeproof and StainMaster, Lifeproof vs Case Boss, StainMaster vs … This was and is the biggest waste of $5000 dollars. Cleaned with vinegar and warm water as the warranty recommended. It was put in 3 bedrooms and our living room. Signature in color Emblem“Signature” combines Color and style with the added beauty and performance of Pet Protect yarns from Invista to bring you an unprecedented new product that is sure to make an authentic Design statement. With this in mind, they could be ideal for any number of households. I'll be on board with that class action law suit if anyone files. At Carpet to Go, we carry a wide variety of products. Several things went wrong with the wood flooring, but the new manager was very helpful and all was worked out. We also ordered the TOP of the line StainMaster carpet and padding. © 2020 There are many different options on offer from StainMaster, who produce a vast array of colors and shades to suit any taste. We filed a claim and an inspector came. Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet is the softest Stainmaster carpet available. Highly recommend! They focus on wool and nylon with technologies from Stainmaster but are what we would consider high-quality carpeting. On top of all that STAINMASTER Essentials carpet fiber comes in a variety of color schemes and offers a luxurious soft “hand” and texture retention. So much for the 25 year farce of a warranty. December 16, 2019. It’s a big range, with everything from floral patterns to highly complex graphics available. Stainmaster is a popular carpet brand with families and pet owners. STAINMASTER ® Carpets stay up to 30% cleaner and last up to 50% longer than other carpets. NEVER will I recommend this carpet to anyone! These are comfortable materials that resist strikes of time in an unbelievably efficient manner. Another major choice you will have to make when selecting your chosen carpet it the thickness and height. Another aspect of Stainmaster that customers enjoy is the fac… StainMaster sculpt these patterns into the fibers, and the results can look fantastic in households of all varieties. Perfect for families and landlords alike, the durable and long-lasting nature of StainMaster carpets are ideal for those who want a little style, but need the protection and guarantee of a long carpet lifespan. Carlson's Floors in Geneva has a top selection of Masland Carpets Carpet, including Signature Endorse in 12'' I am posting this out of desperation and frustration! Picking out the perfect Carpet Fiber is among the main aspects in choosing the appropriate carpet … "Get it professionally clean." Durability – Stainmaster Pet Protect is made with the highly durable SuperiaSD™ nylon fiber, so it provides superior resistance to household traffic from kids and pets. They got my money, so too bad for me or you. STAINMASTER® Carpet has an impressive track record of over 30 years of the most durable, serviceable, stain resistant and trouble free carpets on the market. Soft comfort – I was pleasantly surprised at how soft this durable carpet felt. Flecks in your carpet are, therefore, ideal for busy households and families with young children, or for high traffic areas of your home. In StainMaster’s case, the company uses Nylon 6,6 for many of its carpets, which offers a range of benefits. either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties STAINMASTER ® CARPET Products. On top of all that STAINMASTER carpet is an innovator in carpet design and fashion. You will often see Berber styles in playrooms, home offices, and entertainment rooms. Lowe�s, their installation people and stainmaster could care less about my issues. Lowe's and Stain Master dropped the ball and now we are paying a huge price for believing in these two businesses. Choose from five carpet families: LiveWell, PetProtect carpet and cushion system, & Essentials. There are the primary colors of red, yellow and blue and all the shades that can result from them, including beiges, greens, golds, and grays. Masland Carpet Review. Each rib has variation in color, making it more of a unique work of art versus the boring old flooring you'll see anywhere else. Height is known as the pile of the carpet. We purchased over $40,000.00 worth of merchandise from Lowe's! ", We purchased $8,000 worth of Stainmaster carpet for our apartment and 3 years later, from pet stains and foot traffic, it looks horendous! They send the fibers to another manufacturer to be put onto the backing. So I then contacted stainmaster. All your products have no prime when you point to the ground where you gotta clean. STAINMASTER ® carpets … And as far as fibers coming out, that was normal also. Satisfaction Rating: Very Unsatisfied, 1 out of 5. Review: "Awful Ugly Smells".

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