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hyena vs pitbull who would win

But it will take them hours to penetrate the defense of honey badger. But I do agree, it really isn't a pit bull in this match, it's more like a frankencanine, lol. If they both had to fight to the death then I would say the hynena's powerful jaws could deliver a killing bite through the pitbull's muscle. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. In a pound to pound fight, the leopard will use his advantageous bulky weight to hold down the cheetah. Thread Tools. Pitbull is stronger, but that's it (Honestly the heyena could be a 120Lb. This pitbull is not a peak pitbull. So, essentially hyena is bigger than pitbull used here. Pit bulls often win in the fights between them and Coyotes. I am just saying that 550 lb siberian will be definitely stronger than 500 lb bengal tiger, but if both are 500 lb, bengal is stronger. Hyenas give Lions trouble. Gamebred pitbulls don't run away no matter how bad they are losing. Who said I didnt want arguments discussed?? The siberian is the stronger one the 2. U honestly believe a domestic animal could hope to survive against a hyena? My G shep husky mix got hit by a cadillac goin at 35 mph. Posted by u/[deleted] 6 years ago. I wanna say wikis cannot be used as a legitimate source to back up an argument here on comicvine. (it also states females at 120-165 lb, nowhere near 30% larger), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotted_hyena#Dimensions, Adult male spotted hyenas in the Serengeti weigh 40.5–55.0 kg (89.3–121.3 lb), while females weigh 44.5–63.9 kg (98–141 lb). I have to go to sleep and get a few hours of ZZZzzzz before work.... Will be back on when I can. The way two Pit Bulls fight in a ring is not an accurate representation of how two bears, wolves, or lions fight in the wild. Leopard Vs Cheetah, Who Would Win? Here it is mentioned that robusticity for animals is determined by measuring thickness of bones relative to the length. has a killer instinct of a wolf (peak canine), has the hunting ability of a wolf (peak canine), has large jaws like a wolf (peak canine, again), can run as fast as a greyhound (peak canine speed), has large jaws like a wolf (peak chttp://www.animalfactsencyclopedia.com/Hyena-facts.htmlanine, again). They are twice as big and about 10 times as mean. Assumptions can be wrong bro JS. So, no the pit does not need more stamina. 1. But in case of lion & tiger, Tiger is stronger even at equal weights because lion is more robust, so lion has more bone mass, but tiger has more muscle mass. save hide report. These animals kill every single day just to stay alive. I agree, but to be fair some pit-bulls also kill for a living too. 4. Hyena 17 94.44%. It is beyond doubt that these two species have met head to head since they cover the same ground and hunt similar prey. There are four species in the hyena family; the spotted hyena, the brown hyena, the striped hyena, and the aardwolf. Yes it's true that spotted hyenas are larger there, but Zambia holds less than 5% of the hyenas geographic population. 4.Oh, I see.... Don't know how that got posted.... weird..... @pea55: I have answer to all your points: Oh, i forgot to type : avg male hyena weights 100-140 lb, and females weight 120-165 lb, according to your link. 12 comments. I know that this tiger talk is all off subject, but where are u getting this flawed info???? U honestly believe a domestic animal could hope to survive against a hyena? 3.Dude u posted a link to a wiki. My initial point was only to express that the hyena could POSSIBLY be smaller, which isn't gonna make or break anything at the end of the fight. I have to disagree with u on this one bro. Even with dogs that I have owned. A lion would stomp a hyena one on one. A bigger mouth means a harder bite that's why lion bites do way more damage than heyena!! I came into this expecting it to be Pitbull the musician, not the animal. Which I dont see how they're irrelevant. (I've read it somewhere about them surviving kicks to skull from fully grown elk & moose. 1. Otherwise there is no use to make a thread & asking others, if you have already made up the mind. It'd slaughter the pitbull. After repeated short bursts of speed the cheetah has to rest. Wolf has stronger triceps (more tricep mass %) than most other animals, which means that they can exert more "pushing force" than others. 2. Hyena stomps, far larger and more powerful animal and durable, Christ even Lions have trouble killing Hyenas. Exactly Patrick. All I know is that dogs are superior when it comes to skeleton, and the wolves have a more durable skull. There is historic accounts of them killing dogs in their jaws after holding them for only a few seconds, they were also pitted against mastiffs and came out on top. Muscular is also a common synonym for the word "ROBUST". http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/175-pound-pit-bull-hulk-shatters-misconceptions-breed/story?id=29353371. Again this pitbull isn't a regular "domestic" animal. I thought they meant peak canine as in, the fastest pit on earth, the strongest pit on earth, the most stamina pit on earth, the most durable pit on earth. They are scavengers and aren't inclined to 1 on 1 fights. Female and the pit would still be stronger, only if it's a 110 lb Pit). Again, I am not saying that the damned pitbull wins. The Lion would win and the fight would take less then 10 min with both pit bulls dead. Who will win in a fight a rottweiler or a husky. Weight matters. share. Again, there are a lot of factors involved and it is tough to say. Pitbull 1 5.56%. If you make a living out of shooting down cessnas with no guns, you aren't going to engage with a crazy kamikaze because your desire to stay alive is much stronger than their desire. You would know that if you pay a little more attention. 2. number 8 states that females are "30%" larger than males. Change thread name to Composite dog vs hyena. And pitbull vs pitbull is even more terrible, a pitbull will literally fight while it's having one part of it's body eaten off by another pitbull...they are that stubborn. I also have to disagree with the siberian tiger being inferior to the bengal tiger statement that u made. Who would win a fight between a Hyena and a Kangal? Large dogs may be stronger than wolf, but 110 lb dogs? Pitbull vs Bully Kutta! Pitbull Dog vs Huge Coyote Fight | WHO WINS ? either you are or u aren't. In this case the hyena MIGHT actually be about 20 lbs smaller for it is a male. You proof first. 70 lbs pitbull vs a 70 lbs striped hyena? Hyenas HUNT for food all the time. The two lions fighting eachother might do a little more sumo wrestling than biting or swiping just because that way the winner doesn't get fucked up enough that he dies from the resulting injuries even after he has defeated the outcast. That's a 75 lbs sighthound vs a 90 lbs hyena. You'd need 2-3 pitbulls really. U cant show me a video of something like that taking place. One bite and its goodnight for the Pit bull, maybe two or three would fare better. Leopards carry food in trees to keep it safe from predators like hyenas. Press J to jump to the feed. I never revealed who I felt the winner was, so I don't know where u getting all of this from. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! How do you expect a domestic dog to stand toe to toe with an animal that kill for a living? As you said, no way of telling who is more durable, but it is safe to assume that wolves are pretty great durable for a fight. 3. Voters 18. They encounter kicks from them, sometimes to skull. On average they weigh between 90-190 pounds, (heavier than Hulk). Wolves have better muscle mass % than most dogs (dogs which are more robust), so, they are either stronger, or more durable than any given dog at its weight. How many times do I have to tell u guys that this isn't a regular domestic dog. Lions, on the other hand, is about 1.8 to 2.1 meters (6-7 feet) long, excluding a meter tail and a shoulder height of 1.2 meters. By the physicals the hyena should win. Also, being more robust may get you more durability, but it will mean heavy bones, so less muscle at the same weight. He does not need a bigger mouth either. kind of. Having better weapons doesn't do much good when your pain tolerance threshold is that of a wild animal. A Bengal tiger weights 500 lb, while a huge siberian tiger may weight 550 lb. Coyote vs Pitbull vs Wolf Fight comparison- who will win? not to mention that bumper smacked him in the head, sending him to do an 820. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Archived. I agree hyena wins if the fight goes long, but won't happen as lion has already killed jag & attacks hyena. The brown hyena (Hyaena brunnea, formerly Parahyaena brunnea) is a species of hyena which occurs in Namibia, Botswana, western and southern Zimbabwe, southern Mozambique and South Africa. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Serum injections are irrelevant, for no one spoke of anything like that. 1. So, siberian would be definitely stronger. Skull wise I've read that the wolf is more durable, but keep in mind that dogs espesially big dogs tank hits from cars all the time. Any other pit gets slaughtered in my opinion. Now we have seen that what both the animals can do. With that being said, weight shouldn't determine who wins. Being robust does not equal heavy bones, nor does it equal greater bone mass. hyena is not canine. Pitbull can win possibly. Who said that I made up my mind?? 4. She would literally rape it with her massive schlong. The only animal that I'm aware of that is willing to fight to the death and keep coming no matter what is still a gamebred pitbull. You guys are just downplaying the dog w/o scrutinizing the facts. Because of this, there are many breeds of guard dog that will defend its owners literally to the death and are more than willing to fight with a wild boar and risk huge injury, whereas the boar which is sometimes three to four times larger than said dog runs and tries to get away, because a fight even if he can win it is not worth it. I don't really care to argue about standard sizes/weight for the two contenders are gonna be around the same size anyway. It's because of the way wild animals evolved. Also, a more robust animal can withstand greater force, which relates with durability. U must have very limited knowledge on hyenas. 2. Who said that I decided winner?? I mean irrelevant as it has nothing to do with battle. If he is peak canine, then he should be as coordinated in attacks as a wolf, as strong jaws as a wolf, & has as much of durability as wolf, then it'd be a wolf rather than a pitbull, much less a dog. Being robust generally correlates with bones. It is just that females are larger than males, but all we want is weight of avg male hyena, and avg of 100-140 is 120 lb. They usually attack in groups. They have a jaw that produces more force per inch than any other land animal. The Pits are willing to die, the lions, while being much more formidable, do not want to risk injury during their fights if they can avoid it. Hyena. Dogo Argentinos are a perfect example of this, literally staring death in the face because they know they can rely on their owner to take care of them and recuperate them if their injuries are severe; it is a mutual relationship that benefits the dog greatly, and they have adapted to take advantage of this. So, if you take a dog more robust than wolf, it will have heavy bones, and so it will have lesser muscle at 110 lb. Either we specify them, or we must take avg, or peak (but avg in this case, peak will be too much). Worst Members: Pitbull vs North American Lynx= Pitbull (Team 1). A hyena would win due to it agility and strength plus it is 2x as big as a pit bull Which would win a fight a bull boxer or rottweiler?

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