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Aicook Espresso Machine and coffee makers models 805, 6816, and 4682 compared

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Aicook 4682


Aicook 6816 3.5 Bar Espresso Maker


Aicook 805 K-Cup Compatible


2020 Aicook Coffee and Espresso Maker Buyers Guide

We set out to complete a single Aicook Espresso Machine review but ended up looking at several espresso and K-Cup compatible machines. We ultimately reviewed three total machines below.

SPOILER: we don’t recommend you buy any. One reason our review ended with us looking at so many models is we were hoping to find at least one we could recommend. Instead we will make recommendations of other brands as we go.

The Aicook Espresso Machine Isn’t a Great Value

The total cost of a coffee habit is much more than the cost of the machine. Their top skill seems to be making really inexpensive appliances that either imitate the outward appearance of better made espresso makers and also making K-cup compatible drip coffee makers.

These are the epitome of disposable appliances. Honestly, it is hard to think of any regular coffee drinker that should buy anything on this list. Coffee and espresso machines get heavy use and a lot of things need to go right and stay working to even get coffee out of them.

We are not opposed to inexpensive coffee makers. You are better off looking at our Keurig vs Nespresso guide for much better choices of K-Cup compatible machines. Better yet, if cost is your concern then dump the K-Cups and invest in a great bean to cup coffee maker. You will save a lot more over the long run and enjoy better coffee every day.

Maybe if you owned a cabin and want to make coffee or espresso once in a while on your annual trip there or something. At this price we certainly never expected a contender for our Best Espresso Machines of 2020 list. But we didn’t even get something we thought was a valid option at any price.

One review we read said that the writer had owned an inexpensive Italian model for 30 years and then replaced it with one of these. He wrote that he thought the espresso from his Aicook espresso maker was better than the Italian one. Dubious as that sounds one thing, we are willing to bet, this machine isn’t likely to last another 30 years.

Aicook Espresso Machine Reviews

Aicok 4682 Espresso Maker Review

The Aicok 4682 is a mediocre, unimpressive semi-automatic espresso machine. Although it is the best offering we found by Aicook we still do not recommend it. We didn’t find a single Aicook espresso maker to recommend.

Aicook 4682 Specifications

  • 15 bar pump
  • Frother
  • Touch screen controls
  • 15.2 x 14.8 x 11.5 inches
  • 12.45 pounds
  • Black and silver machine
  • 43oz water tank

The fair to moderate espresso brewing is the best we can say about it. This seems like a machine designed to look good in pictures and on a store display. It copies the outward appearance of better brands like Breville and DeLonghi but lacks their design and internal systems.

Among other things the 4682 has separate modes for brewing and frothing milk which we didn’t like. For more information consider reading the Amazon reviews.

Aicook 6816 Espresso Maker

This is a really odd little machine. Technically is expresses the coffee beans and is an espresso maker. But, an espresso machine is typically 15 bars of pressure. This one advertises the fact that it is 3.5 bars of pressure.

Aicook 6816 Espresso Maker Specifications

  • 3.5 bar pressure
  • Includes Milk Frother
  • Rotary Knob Control
  • 13.1″ H x 7.7″ W x 10″ D
  • 3.8 pounds
  • Comes in Black

The AICook model 6816 is a cheaply made model. It has an interesting shape but doesn’t operate well and seems prone to clogging.

Aicook Espresso Machine That Doesn’t Make Espresso?

What it brews cannot really be called espresso because there isn’t enough pressure to create a crema on the espresso. In hell, there is espresso everywhere but no crema.

The 3.5 bar pump is not strong enough so it is a coffee oxymoron. Somehow it is like a pressurized drip coffee maker.

Aicook K-Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

Besides bad espresso makers, Aicook also makes K-Cup compatible coffee makers. To be fair, their K-Cup compatible drip coffee maker are better. But ultimately we couldn’t find a reason other than initial purchase price, to recommend it over Keurig or Nespresso.

Their machines work with Realcups, k-cup pods, etc. And also, can work with a reusable K cup coffee filter.

Aicook 805

This little machine has only a 12 oz water reservoir. It also is pretty small and will make coffee in standard-size cups or 5 1/2-inch tall large mugs at most.

Of course it has no frother or milk capacities. See the 6816 if you want froth. It has a simple push button control.

The documentation is terrible and warns you not to leave coffee warming on it for a long time.

Aicook 805 Specifications

  • Product Size: 4.3″ W×7.5″Dx9.8″ H (110mmW×191mmD x 251mm H)
  • Product Net weight: 2.2 LB (1.0Kg)
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Comes in black

This machine comes with the single most hilarious warning we ever saw in product documentation. “Please brew water to clean the water tank for the first use every morning, it can be more effective to extract crema from coffee.”

About Aicook

Researching the Aicook Espresso Machine line is a bit of a mystery. The company is a brand of small, inexpensive mainly kitchen appliances. Both Aicook and Aicok coffee makers seem to be made by the same people.

We heard it suggested that Aicook refers to a line of kitchen appliances made by Aicok. They apparently have some well-regarded juicer models.

Aicok 4682 Espresso Maker

Aicook Espresso Machine Aicok 4682 model automatic espresso maker shown with two lattes Aicook 4682 review

Instead Consider The DeLonghi EC702

DeLonghi EC702 product image with link to 2020 product review
Click to read the review. Score 94/100

Aicook 6816 3.5 Bar Espresso Maker

Aicook Espresso Machine 6816 Model review rated it a no buy

Instead buy a Bialetti Moka  6801

Bialetti Moka  6801 stove top espresso maker

Aicook 805

Aicook 805 review k-cup compatible coffee maker Aicook Espresso Machine

Instead buy any Keurig

Click the image for a Keurig Buyers Guide for 2020

Aicook Espresso and Coffee Maker FAQs

Does Aicook make good coffee makers?

Cheap, cheaply made and hard to use, we reviewed several espresso machines and coffee makers and never found a single one to recommend. We do include better alternatives in our reviews.

Does Aicook have a warranty?

Yes, surprisingly they offer a full 2-year warranty and lifetime customer service.

Does Aicook make good espresso machines?

Aicook espresso makers are built to look like better espresso machines but not perform or last like them. We recommended other brands.

Does Aicook 805 work with K-Cups, Realcups and reusable k cup coffee filters?

Yes, Aicook 805 is compatible with all three. However, it did not earn a buy recommendation in our 2020 reviews.

Should I buy an Aicook 805?

We did not recommend buying the Aicook 805 or any of the other models in our 2020 review.

Aicook Espresso Machine Review Conclusion

Don’t buy any espresso machine or coffee maker based solely on its outward appearance and purchase price. So do not buy a Aicook Espresso Machine. We included better alternatives. Coffee is a daily habit so invest in something that will last and produces coffee and espresso drinks that will keep you out of Starbucks and you will have more enjoyment and save money over time.

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