JURA GIGA 6 review vs Z8

JURA GIGA 6 (2020 Updated Review)


JURA GIGA 6 w/ glass milk container



  • Pulse Extraction PEP brewing
  • Artificial Intelligence Buit In
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • Automatic grinder adjustments
  • World's Best Design & Materials


  • High premium for top of the line
  • Spent grounds capacity not upgraded

Number One for 2020!

Our 2020 JURA GIGA 6 Review is a strong “buy” for those who want to pay to get the very best. In fact earned the #1 spot in our 20 Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines for 2020 list. However, the JURA Z8 offers many of the same features and virtually identical quality for significantly less. In addition, the JURA J90 IMPRESSA is a third the cost of the GIGA 6 and is also a great choice for many people looking for top quality.

NOTE: this review has been updated for 2020. It reflects the latest testing, specs and data available on the model. Also, we have included a buyers guide and specifications.

About JURA

JURA is an American company owned by JURA Elektroapparate AG. That is a Swiss firm based in Niederbuchsiten in the Solothurn Canton.

The American Company does marketing and service. The Swiss company handles design and managing outsourced manufacturing. But, this is similar to other design and marketing-focused firms like Apple and NIKE. We detail the company more in the J90 IMPRESSA review.

2020 JURA GIGA 6 Review

2020 JURA GIGA 6 Review Shown With Optional Glass Milk Container
Click to buy direct from JURA
JURA GIGA 6 With Optional Glass Milk Container
Top 20 Super Automatic Espresso Machines for 2020
Selected for our Top 20 Super Automatic Espresso Machines for 2020
JURA GIGA 6. Click to buy direct from JURA
Click to buy direct from JURA

The GIGA 6 is an absolutely top-of-the-line machine. It is gorgeous with every feature we would ever want, and it looks and feels like it should be in a museum. So, in our view, buying one makes a statement to the world like buying a Bugatti or Bentley.

It says that you make purchases based on absolute quality and that you are willing to pay a large premium to own the best.

For example, the GIGA 6 employs artificial intelligence which learns how to customize its drink recipes and brewing settings. It does this by analyzing your drink selections and your customization settings.

Therefore, if this all appeals to you then maybe you can skip reading up on all the details and features. Because we think that you can trust that if you buy this masterpiece you will not wish you had bought another.

Large Capacities and Product Size

This is a very large machine with very large capacities. It holds almost 20 ounces of beans and 87 ounces of water. As a result, this is more than any other home machine we have tested. However, oddly the spent coffee ground bin only holds twenty pucks of used coffee grounds, which is the same as the Z8.

The GIGA weighs almost 40 pounds and sits 16.3 inches high. So, that may be too high for many household counters. It is 1.3 inches taller than the Z8. It also measures 18.9 inches deep. This is 1.2 inches deeper than the Z8.

The updated 2020 JURA GIGA 6 Review rates this a strong buy. The GIGA is a great choice for those who can afford to place absolute quality over other considerations. However, most people would never see a difference between the quality of the JURA Z8 coffee and ownership experience even though the GIGA 6 costs almost $2000 more. In any case, both machines are dramatically superior to the JURA J90 IMPRESSA which makes fantastic coffee for less than $1800.

Brewing Features

The JURA GIGA 6 comes with built in support to brew 28 products, which is seven more than the Z8. However, most of the difference comes in double servings of milk foam and milk-based drinks.

The GIGA 6 has all the most important JURA brewing technologies to ensure great brew. This includes the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.). Also it has the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.). Finally, the GIGA has their highest performance, 15-bar pump and the Thermoblock heating system.

Customizable and Intelligent With AI Learning

The GIGA 6 has all the programmability and customization you would want if you really want precise control. But, it is also very simple to use, and you can still get any of its pre-programmed drinks with a push of a button.

You can adjust the amount of water, coffee strength, milk foam temperature, brewing temperature and hot water temperature.

The JURA GIGA 6 uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce better coffee to your specifications by analyzing your drink choices and customizations to better tailor your drinks. Interestingly you can even see how many of each type of drink you have made.

It employs Intelligent Preheating, and their Intelligent Water System (I.W.S)

Like the other premium JURA models the GIGA 6 supports the JOE phone app so you can control and monitor the machine from an Apple or Android phone.


The GIGA 6 holds almost 20 ounces of coffee beans compared to the under 10 ounces with the Z8. This is a massive amount of coffee beans. The GIGA 6 has automatic grinder adjustments (A.G.A). So, this would be great for a high use home or office however it holds 20 spent coffee ground pucks which is the same amount of as the Z8.  


Unlike the Z8, the GIGA 6 automatically switches over from milk to milk foam. However, like the Z8 the GIGA 6 will make near perfect microfoam every time. It will spoil you and you are going to hate most foam at most coffee shops.

Maintenance & Cleaning

The GIGA has more monitoring and cleaning features than any other JURA model for a home. Also, employs similar types of notifications. Furthermore, it sports the integrated cleaning systems for both the coffee and milk systems. Finally, the GIGA 6 uses the JURA HP2 milk system which costs a little than the Z8’s HP 3 system if that ever needs to be replaced.


How to Get The Best Deal on the JURA GIGA 6 in 2020

Earlier we compared selecting the GIGA 6 to an elite luxury car like a Bentley or a Bugatti. But when shopping for any JURA espresso maker you should take a very different tack.

You may be tempted to go to a reseller or retailer to buy the GIGA 6. This is a mistake. The best way to buy one is to buy direct from JURA by ordering it from their Amazon store. In any case, this is the best price we have seen. Plus, this way it will be fulfilled, shipped to you and serviced directly by JURA. However, you also get many of the benefits of buying through Amazon.

JURA GIGA 6 Specifications [Updated]

Programmed Drinks (28 total)

  • Espresso
  • 2 x Espresso
  • Coffee
  • 2 x Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • 2 x Cappuccino
  • Caffè latte
  • 2 x Caffè latte
  • Caffè Barista
  • 2 x Caffè Barista
  • Americano
  • 2 x Americano
  • Espresso doppio
  • Macchiato
  • 2 x Macchiato
  • Cortado
  • 2 x Cortado
  • Latte macchiato
  • 2 x Latte macchiato
  • Flat white
  • 2 x Flat white
  • Portion of milk foam
  • 2 x Portion of milk foam
  • Portion of milk
  • 2 x Portion of milk
  • Jug of coffee
  • Hot water
  • Hot water for green tea

GIGA 6 Features

  • Smart mode (artificial intelligence)
  • One-Touch function
  • Intelligent preheating
  • Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A.)
  • Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®)
  • Automatic switchover from milk to milk foam
  • Compatible with J.O.E®
  • Rotary Switch
  • Wireless ready
  • Smart Connect supplied as standard
  • Powder recognition for additional ground coffee variety
  • A la carte bean selection
  • Active bean monitoring
  • Monitored drip tray
  • Aroma preservation cover
  • Monitored aroma preservation cover
  • Integrated storage compartment

JURA Technologies

  • Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®)
  • Variable VC brewing unit 5 – 16 g
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (I.P.B.A.S.©)
  • Grinder 2 electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders
  • High-performance pump, 15 bar 2
  • Thermoblock heating system 2
  • Fluid systems 2
  • JURA fine foam technology
  • Milk system HP2
  • Maintenance status display
  • Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme
  • Integrated milk system rinsing and cleaning programme
  • JURA hygiene: TÜV-certified
  • Filter cartridge CLEARYL Smart
  • Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©)
  • Zero-Energy Switch or power switch
  • Settings and programming options
  • Adjustable amount of water
  • Individually adjustable coffee strength (Levels) 10
  • Milk / milk foam temperature (Levels) 10
  • Save, copy and personalise products
  • Brewing temperature programmable (Levels) 3
  • Hot water programmable temperature (Levels) 3
  • Programmable switch-on/switch-off time
  • Shows the number of preparations for each individual product
  • Design and materials
  • Alu Frame Design© 3 mm
  • Display Touchscreen colour display
  • Amber / white cup illumination
  • Water tank illumination blue
  • Powder chute for ground coffee
  • Sound design

Measurements & Capacities

  • Dual coffee spout width-adjustment 0.8 – 2 inches
  • Coffe dual spout height-adjustment 2.7 – 6.2 inches
  • Water Spout height-adjustment 2.7 – 6.5 inches
  • Water tank capacity 87 oz
  • Bean container holding capacity 19.8 oz
  • Coffee grounds container (max. servings) 20
  • Cable length 3.9 feet
  • Voltage / Power 120 V ~
  • Stand-by power ≤ 0.5 W
  • Weight 39.7 lbs
  • Width 12.6 inches
  • Height 16.3 inches
  • Depth 18.9 inches
  • Article Number 15274
  • Model year 2019

The JURA GIGA 6 combines some of the the best refined, traditional brewing and milk steaming with high tech artificial intelligence to set itself apart from every other super automatic espresso maker. This is why it is one of the best machines on the market today.

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